20 Bohemian Wedding Decoration Ideas

20 Bohemian Wedding Decoration Ideas

A bohemian or ‘boho’ themed or styled wedding is incredibly popular nowadays as many couples are opting for DIY-styled decorations and furniture to fill out their wedding venue to save a few extra bucks and also to add their own personal touch to their special day.

The bohemian style gives a soft, natural, and woodland essence to a venue with lots of greenery and natural woods being used to style things like table settings, ceremony chairs, and drinks stations. 

There are so many different types of decorations that you can DIY instead of hiring out or purchasing from a company for your wedding and some are super simple to do as well. 

If you’re unsure about what bohemian decorations you can have or DIY for your special day, then here are 20 ideas to enlighten you and help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Table Settings

If you’ve got a lot of guests at your wedding then styling your tables and table setting can begin to boost the price up, luckily, because bohemian style uses a lot of greenery, woodland, and flowers which you can find for free or for very little around where you live.

Dried flowers are often preferred to give a softer and more enchanted look to the tables, of which you can find flowers and dry them out yourself for the special day instead of sourcing them from a flower company. 

Fairy lights or candles are often used for the main source of lighting on the table and they can be sourced expensively from wholesalers, your local Target, or online at Amazon.

Dance Floor Decorations

Hopefully, you and your guests will spend a good chunk of your wedding day grooving on the dancefloor, however, if you want to sway away from the conventional shiny dance floor with a glittering disco ball, then you can go for a boho style dancefloor. 

If your reception is outside and you’re guaranteed nice weather, then using a big or many bohemian or Moroccan style rugs can be a unique way to style up your dancefloor - plus you’ll save a ton of money on hiring out a hardwood dancefloor. 

Instead of having glaring disco lights, you could go for soft lighting in a bunting style that covers the dancefloor, this looks great for your photographs and many outdoor venues may even already have them.

Ceremony Ideas

The main, and most important part of your wedding is your ceremony, it’s here that you’ll say your vows to your partner and signifies the start of your new journey.

You’ll want your guests to feel comfortable for this part of the ceremony but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your setup look stylish.

Again, for a boho theme, lots of dried flowers and greenery should be used. Many couples add mismatched pillows to guest’s chairs or even random rugs to the aisle.

Bohemian Wedding Stations

Whether you’re willing to splash the cash or trying to stick to a budget, having a boho-styled station can be done at any wedding.

You can use your own drinks dispensers, drinkware, or get creative and use a trunk of a truck or a wheelbarrow to store ice for your beverages.