20 Best Country Wedding Songs For The Perfect Country Wedding

20 Best Country Wedding Songs For The Perfect Country Wedding

Wherever you are having your wedding, in a barn, farmhouse, vineyard, orchard, or anywhere else if you are looking for a country setting with some amazing country love songs that will fit your theme, you will want to pick the best of the best. 

Music is finite detail that makes sure that you and your guests are having the best possible time you can on your special day.

You one good idea is to craft a stellar country music playlist, although it may feel like a daunting task, and you may feel a bit stuck for ideas. 

You may want a specific type of country music, classic, old style, modern, whatever your interest is, and whatever specific sub-genre of country you are looking for there is plenty of choice.

So, we have put together a list of some amazing country song to help you brainstorm your country playlist, this way you can be sure to keep to that country vibe, and all you will hear all day is love and romance for the duration of your day.

Country Love Songs

“Could I have this dance?” by Anne Murray

Anne Murray has many timeless songs, but none quite compare to the timeless ballad that has warmed the hearts of many newlyweds for over four decades.

There is no doubt or question as to why this song has always been so popular as a country love song. Her enchanting vocals create a beautiful scene for whatever vibes you have in mind for your country wedding. Why not use this as the song for your first dance?

Lyrics: “Could I have this dance for the rest of my life?/ Would you be my partner every night?”

“Marry Me” by Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett has a multitude of beautiful country songs, but we have to say this one strikes a special place in our hearts, as we are sure it does for you. There is something so beautiful about this song.

It tells the story of two people in love since childhood but as much as the guy loves her, she doesn’t seem to feel the same way. It is both sad and beautiful. What is so magical about this song is the beautiful guitar, it just makes for a wonderful song that you can easily sway along to. 

Lyrics: “I’ll try to make it without crying, so nobody sees, yeah she wants to get married, but she don’t wanna marry me.” 

“The only hand you need to hold” by Dolly Parton.

Dolly Parton has always been a symbol of country music, so including this song is a no-brainer. It should always be included in your country music playlist for your wedding.

Despite the age of this song, it is timeless in its capturing of love and devotion. Her lively voice will have you and your guests in an upbeat and joyous mood. 

Lyrics: “I can be the one that makes you happy, I’ll be your umbrella when it rains, I will be someone that you can count on…” 

“You” by Chris Young

If you fancy a slightly more modern touch to your country wedding playlist, why not include some Chris Young. He brings old style country together with modern day country.

His voice makes you feel happy and his lyrics match. Take a different tone with your country playlist and bring out that wedding party vibe with some Chris Young. 

Lyrics: “No one gets me like you when you kiss me girl, you rock me harder than some downtown band.” 

“I’ve waited all my life for you” Reba McEntire

Before Reba McEntire dove into becoming a musical legend, as she has shown herself to be in recent years, she was singing country music songs that were crazy romantic.

Her songs make proud statements about love and devotion. This beautiful song does exactly for that, it is the perfect pick for a first dance or a first kiss as newlyweds. 

Lyrics: “Don’t you know, that you’re the one, I’d like to live my life through, I can’t see anyone with me but you.”

“I walk the line” by Johnny Cash

Is it really a country playlist without Johnny Cash? You have to have the man in black on your playlist for it to feel like a complete country playlist.

This song was made after Cash was newly married and his honest lyrics about loyalty has turned this song into an absolute essential for any country wedding. 

Lyrics: “As sure as night is dark and day is light, I keep you on my mind both day and night… Because you’re mine, because you’re mine.” 

“You decorated my life” by Kenny Rogers

If you want a song that will tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them, then Kenny Rogers does this, and he does not hold back either.

His truly heartfelt lyrics turned this song into a memorable wedding classic that is played at every country wedding since its release. If you want something gentle and heartfelt for your first dance, this is a show stopping choice. 

Lyrics: “And you decorated my life, created a world, where dreams are a part. And you decorated my life, my painting your love all over my heart. You decorated my life.”

“Easy Loving“ by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn 

The tip-top duet of this list, it may be a simple song on the surface, however the harmonization of Twitty and Lynn together makes for a majestic masterpiece that you just cannot deny will win the hearts of everyone at your wedding.

If you are looking for a slow country song that you can sway to in your lovers arms, this is undoubtedly the one for that. 

Lyrics: “Easy Loving, seeings believing, life with you is like living in a beautiful dream” 

“Always” by Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline is best known for her more melancholy work, however her hit ‘Always’, is the one that stands apart from this typical expectation.

Her powerful vocals in this classic make it sound effortless and perfect, just like your love. Add it to your playlist and fall in love all over again. 

Lyrics: “I’ll be loving you, always. With a love that’s true, always. When the things you plan, need a helping hand, I will understand. Always.” 

“How could I want more?” by Jamie Lynn Spears

If you want to add a modern touch that feels both powerful and gentle, why not give Jamie Lynn Spears a go? Fairly new to the country scene, this country ballad is a classic in new country love songs.

Her beautiful voice makes you fall in love all over again and the gentle Guitar will fill you with calm and relaxation. 

Lyrics: “Lying in the green grass, underneath the blue sky, looking at a good man, wanna be the right guy, he’s got that kinda heart that, any girl would die for, so, how could I want more?” 

Country Wedding Songs. 

“When you say nothing at all” by Alison Krauss 

Alison Krauss knows how to pluck at your heart strings. And no romantic country song playlist is complete without her cover of “When you say nothing at all”, it will either leave you feeling like cuddling up with your significant other, or weeping tears of romance, or both.

The country power ballad fully recognizes the devotion between you and your partner.

Lyrics: “Smile on your face lets me know that you need me, there’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me…” 

“I do” by Paul Brandt 

Want a song that will take away any uncertainty you ever had in your soul? Paul Brandt’s “I do” is the one for you to add to your playlist. It hits with those two oh so powerful words in the chords. No country wedding is complete without playing this masterpiece. 

Lyrics: “Will I promise to be your best friend, and am I here until the end, can I be sure I have been waiting for you, and did I say my love is true. Baby I will, I am, I can, I have, I do.” 

"Diamonds or Twine” by Ryan Hurd 

While “Diamonds or Twine” breaches between pop music and country music, it still has enough of that country twang to feel like the perfect dance floor jive at a country wedding.

It has that upbeat energy that will make your guests want to crawl up onto the dance floor and start popping and locking.

Lyrics: “Doesn’t matter if it’s diamonds or twine, I’ll be wrapped around your finger. Girl, you got me ‘til we run out of time. Rich or poor, rain or shine.” 

“I cross my heart” by George Strait 

George Strait is something of a hardcore romantic when it comes to celebrating the deep commitments between a couple in this beautiful country ballad. Since 1992 it has stayed as a favorite country wedding songs.

Keep your hardcore country vibes, while having that romantic aura with “ I cross my heart” It's not something you or your partner will ever forget.

Lyrics: “Let’s stay the way we are right now, and share all the love and laughter. That a lifetime will allow.” 

“Die a happy man” by Thomas Rhett 

Thomas Rhett has a whole cluster of beautifully romantic country songs. As well as his classic ‘Marry Me’, his song ‘Die a happy man’, really brings out the romance at your wedding.

It is a song of beauty and romance that you cannot deny will bring out a beauty to your wedding. The guitar plucking is upbeat, and it will give you the urge to get onto the dance floor.

Lyrics: “If I never get to see the northern lights, or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night. If all I got is your hand in my hand, baby I could die a happy man.” 

“All of it” by Cole Swindell

If you aren’t the kind of people for a slow country song, check out ‘All of it’, get up on that dance floor and move your body to the tune of Cole Swindell.

The song tells about wanting to see all the good and the bad in your partner, being there for the good and the bad times, just like in your vows. 

Lyrics: “I wanna see you all city light lit up, I wanna see you in a pair of cut-up jeans, I wanna fall for all your magic, feel all your teardrops drippin’ on me, the sad ones, the happy ones.”

“Lonely Eyes” by Chris Young

Want some Chris Young that is a little more upbeat and joyous? Why not go for ‘Lonely Eyes’.

Reigniting the magic of the first time you looked into the eyes of your partner, while giving you that happy dancing tune that comes with a joyous occasion. Chris Young has a song for every situation and every emotion on your wedding day. 

Lyrics: “From the little bit I’ve seen, they’re the perfect shade of green, next time they come my way, heaven help me, make ‘em stay.”

“If you told me to” Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes has many beautiful songs. His song ‘If you told me to’, reminds you of the devotion and giving nature of unconditional love.

He gives a classical country vibe that mixes perfectly with a modern touch. The country and romantic mixture of this song will have you smiling your way through your day. 

Lyrics: “I don’t wanna steal you away, or make you change the things that you believe, I just wanna drink from the words you say, and be everything you need. Yeah, I could be so good at loving you, but only if you told me to” 

“Remind me” Brad Paisley ft Carrie Underwood

Crrie Underwood has a load of fantastic romantic country songs, but her duet with Brad Paisley is magical in their duet.

A tale of love lost and regained that reminds you just how powerful the bond between two people can be. It is a mixture between romance, country and a tad of rock’n’roll that will bring romance to the party vibe. 

Lyrics: “The way I used to kiss your neck, remind me, remind me, so on fire, so in love, way back when we couldn’t get enough, remind me, remind me.” 

“The keeper of the stars” by Tracy Byrd

A song that starts off as a cliché slow-swaying romantic country song, but picks up in the chorus to match the romantic emotions that are conveyed in the lyrics and your special day.

Add this song to your playlist, and you will have an atmosphere that radiates sentimentality of your time together. 

Lyrics: “I tip my hat to the keeper of the stars, he sure knew what he was doing. When he joined these two hearts, I hold everything, when I hold you in my arms. I’ve got all I’ll ever need.” 

A Final Chord

We have given you a whole variety of songs to choose from, so many choices, and there are still others to choose from such as; John Michael Montgomery’s “I love the way you love me”, and  Sunny Sweeney’s “Grow Old”. Take your pick and enjoy your wedding day with all the romantic country songs you could dream of. 

If you are still unsure about any of these songs, if you are still questioning if they are right for your wedding, why not look up the lyrics and see if they match your and your partner. 

To create your perfect playlist of country songs and dance the night away, we have given you a perfect mix of classic, and modern, slow swaying songs and get-up-and-dance songs, every option to make your wedding the perfect country event that will signify and mark your love for years to come, building beautiful memories. 

There are so many country songs you can use for your wedding, and ready-made playlists available on YouTube, if you need more songs, take a look on YouTube.