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Top 10 Wedding Color Ideas For Spring/Summer

April 28, 2021 (0) Comments

Top 10 Wedding Color Ideas For Spring/Summer

Spring and summer are considered to be two of the most romantic seasons to tie the knot in. Spring with the sunshine, floral backdrops, and the beautiful color palette is a sign of new beginnings whilst the warmth of summer and the scenery makes it a popular season to get married in.

Though the weather can be unpredictable you are less likely to be confronted with an unexpected downpour which may hinder the outcome of your photographs during these months. 

Choosing the color scheme is an important part of the planning process and the colors will often be a reflection of the season in which you have chosen to marry.

While there are often trends that you may feel encouraged to introduce to your vision, it is important to ensure that your chosen palette compliments your taste too. 

Below, we have identified 10 popular color ideas that are often sought after for spring and summer weddings. 

Neutral Colors

A neutral color theme is a popular choice amongst those looking to add subtle but effective splashes of color to their day.

While neutral colors are great for spring and summer weddings, they complement the theme of most regardless of the season.

Such colors include blush, beige, shades of brown and green, ivory. You may choose similar neutral colors or those that are slightly different for more of a contrast.

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Green and Mauve

Mauve is a neutral and paler shade of purple that has a slight gray tone.

It is a color that is typically associated with romance and sentimentality and is often paired with a green color to complement the different tones.

You may choose a bright or dark shade of green depending on your vision. Some may pair both colors with ivory as this will make the green and the mauve stand out more.

Different Shades Of Sea Green And Sage Green

Opting for different shades of sea green and sage green is great for those who are going to be having their wedding at a beach location.

The tones of sage are similar to that of dried sage leaves so they are often used for spring and summer weddings. 

Sage Colour Palette For Beach Wedding { Sage + Silver Sage + Mint + Sea Green }

Sage Colour Palette For Beach Wedding { Sage + Silver Sage + Mint + Sea Green }

Sage Green And Blush 

If you are looking to introduce a natural feel to your wedding whilst maintaining an elegant and feminine touch, you may choose a combination of sage green and blush.

Sage is a popular choice for bridesmaid attire because it compliments different skin tones. The color blush is also associated with romance and femininity. 

Sage Green And Blush

Yellow and Green 

The combination of yellow and green are a classic and popular choice for spring weddings in particular.

Often, lemon shades of yellow are chosen for weddings with a rustic appeal and outdoor setting. 

Yellow and Green

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Dusty Blue and Yellow 

For spring and summer weddings, dusty blue and yellow offer the perfect color match.

As they are opposite colors, when combined they are vibrant and complement one another very well. The blue is more subtle and the yellow stands out against this.

Green and Light Blue 

Green and light blue are a nice combination that oozes feelings of serenity and calmness.

Green also has rustic tones and is commonly chosen for outdoor wedding celebrations. Both colors are available in different shades and are great for spring and summer weddings.

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Gray and Lavender

Gray and Lavender are a delicate combination with majestic hints.

The gray will emulate an earthy feel when added to your bouquet, while lavender has implications of elegance and when placed against a gray background will stand out without appearing too overpowering.

There are different shades of lavender and gray available so you may choose warmer shades for a spring wedding or lighter shades for a summer wedding.

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Navy and Green 

Navy and green are a stylish combination that is often selected for summer weddings and spring weddings but can be chosen for winter weddings too.

Similar to some of the previous colors, navy and green will add a rustic but trendy feel to your wedding. 

You can choose from different combinations. For example, you may opt for navy and emerald green which will create a more jeweled aesthetic, or navy, and a lighter shade of green like sage because there is a stronger contrast between both.

Peach and Pink

Peach is a popular color choice for spring and summer weddings as it has a mixture of warm pink and orangey tones.

While it can be matched with darker colors to create more of a statement, it can also be accompanied by the color pink which oozes an elegant and romantic appeal.

You may opt for darker shades of pink with a deeper peach tone, or you may contrast a light shade with a dark shade as this will enhance the vibrancy and boldness of the color scheme.

peach and pink wedding table decor