15 Wedding Memorial Table Decoration Ideas for Those Who Are Forever in Our Hearts

15 Wedding Memorial Table Decoration Ideas to Remember Those Who We Miss Dearly

Our wedding day is one of the most special days of our lives and one we never imagined we’d have to spend without some of our nearest and dearest family members of close friends.

However, sometimes those closest to us leave our sides a little too soon and their presence is sorely missed on momentous occasions like a wedding day.

There are ways to incorporate their memory into the day, whether that be more subtle and personal elements like a necklace or using their favorite flowers for the bouquet, to more prevalent memorials that honor their memory and to remind people how important those people were to either you individually or as a couple together. 

Some other ways to honor a deceased loved one at a wedding could be by reserving a seat in their memory at the table, where no one else will sit. You can acknowledge their missed presence in your ceremony program and maybe take moments of silence to pay tribute to their memory.

You can share one of your favorite memories of yourself and the people you have lost in your speeches at the reception, or if you’d rather have something more subtle and personal, you could have their favorite song played during the ceremony or reception. 

We’ll be giving you some ideas so you can create your own memorial table for those you have lost, so they can still be present on what is a special day for family and friends together. 

Special Quotes to Remember Those You’ve Lost

Some people like to include quotes or special signs to signify the memorial table to those who walk past at the ceremony or reception.

You can always use personal quotes or song lyrics that are personal to you and the people you have lost, but we thought we’d share some inspiration for lovely words or quotes you could include on your table. 

Use Your Favorite Pictures of Your Loved Ones

One of the most common elements of a memorial table is a collection of your favorite photographs of those you’ve lost.

You can put these photos in beautiful frames or you can create a collage of all your favorite memories together, so people can reflect on the impact that person must have had on your life.

Leave a Candle Burning For Them

Another lovely idea to remember those who have passed away and could not be present on your wedding day is lighting a candle or numerous candles to burn throughout the entire day.

The flame signifies light in the darkness and can be a comforting reminder for those at the wedding that their presence is still felt and that the memory of them will still live on even when they’re not physically here. 

Use Flowers to Decorate Your Memorial Table

Flowers make a lovely addition to a memorial table and can really make the area stand out more to guests.

You can use any sort of flowers you want, some couples may just use similar flowers that they've used throughout their wedding whereas some may use the favorite flowers of the deceased loved one or flowers that are in the favorite color of the one they have lost.