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The Average Ring Size for Men and Women

April 27, 2021 (0) Comments

The Average Ring Size for Men and Women

When it comes to marriage, engagements, and weddings, ring size becomes very important, until this period of our lives, we don’t really pay much attention to it.

So how can we know what the most common ring size is? Is it possible to get a perfect ring fit? We are here to tell you all these things. You may be planning the absolute perfect engagement ring, wedding rings, or perhaps a cute anniversary gift, maybe even an eternity band, or a ring for something else. It is no easy feat to guess the average ring size of another person. There is an average ring size for both men and women out there, it can help you get a rough estimate about what size may fit you, or your partner. But, remember, everyone is different too.We will cover all you should know about getting as close as possible to the perfect ring size as you can. We can help you learn the average ring size for women and for men. Don’t forget to read our FAQ’s either, to cover any concerns you may have in regard to ring sizing.

Understanding Ring Size Importance: Why is Ring Size So Crucial?

Choosing the correct ring size is about more than comfort; it is a matter of health and practicality. An average ring size shouldn’t be too tight because it could impede circulation and cause discomfort or even injury. Alternatively, a ring that is too loose may slip off and get lost. 

Moreover, rings often serve as symbols of commitment and love, particularly engagement and wedding rings. In fact, one of the heavy-hitting features of an engagement or wedding ring is showing it off to others. Ensuring a perfect fit honors the significance of the occasion and the piece itself.

The Scale of Rings Sizes

Before we talk about finding the average size for men and for women, it is key to be aware of what constitutes ‘average’. The answer is that the perception of normality is different for every individual. So, there is no actual real ‘normal’, as people come in diversity of body sizes, hand sizes, finger sizes, shoe sizes. We all know how annoying shopping for attire can be with sizing too. However, procuring data about ring sizes, can help to collate information that gives an overall image of what an average ring size may be, just by looking at online research of random samples that are collected from ring orders. Notably, ring size scales can also vary across the world too, in the UK they use letters, in France and Russia they use numbers, however much more vastly spaces than in the US and Canada, who also use numbers.

It is important to consider where you are getting the ring from. Today we will focus on the sizing by the US and Canada, ranging sizes 0 to 16.

Average Ring Size for Men

In the US, the average ring size for men is a size 10, it is also the most common ring size that is ordered for men, which makes it so.

Many men are naturally physically bigger than women are and so the average ring size for men in the USA ranges from size 8 to size 15 and anywhere in between. Though there may be some exceptions. In general, rings for men do also usually have thicker bands than they do for women. Hence, some men will need a considerable measurement in order to easily slide the ring on and off their finger. Besides, the ring size for men will often always be around a half-size larger on the man’s dominant hand also. The societal normality states that a ring associated with marriage should be worn on the left hand. This is an association that started in Ancient Egypt. They believed that there was a vein connected from the left ring finger to the heart.​

This was a belief that was passed down to the Romans. They named this blood vessel. “Vena Amoris” translated as ‘The vein of love’.

Factors Influencing Men’s Ring Sizes

The average ring size for men can be affected by various factors, including age, climate (fingers may swell or contract with temperature changes), and physical activity. Particularly for men engaged in physical work or sports, ring size can fluctuate, and these activities can also increase the risk of injury with rings that fit poorly. Considering these elements when sizing a ring for long-term wear is important.

Average Ring Size for Women

In comparison to these larger sizes for men, the average size of a ring for women, is size 7. Which is the most popular size for women.

However, the most common range for them is anywhere between 6 and 8. Depending on the woman’s lifestyle her ring size can actually fluctuate. Much like a woman’s weight fluctuates during different times. This does not mean that men are not the same, and that their weight does not fluctuate, because men are capable of losing or gaining weight on and off too.

However, women experience more weight fluctuations due to natural events such as hormones and pregnancy. In turn this can affect the size of her fingers. So it is wise to anticipate adding a quarter size to her ring measurement just in case, as her weight may have changed slightly without her being completely aware within the space of a year.

Jewelry Trends and Women’s Ring Sizes: How Fashion Influences Fit

Fashion trends can influence the average ring size for women, particularly when stacking rings becomes popular. The size of the ring might need to be increased slightly to accommodate wearing multiple rings on the same finger. Additionally, large statement rings may fit differently than more delicate bands and require careful sizing to ensure they sit comfortably and securely on the hand. 

You should also understand that a ring is usually a statement piece for women. The bride-to-be will want to show it off to her friends and family, post pictures of it on her free wedding website, or upload pics of it on her social media.  Bearing this in mind, be sure the ring size fits so as not to deter from the glorious statement piece a finely crafted wedding ring makes.

How to Determine Your Ring Size

So, before we jump into guessing your partners ring sizes, we want to give you some tips and tricks for measuring your own ring size. You can measure a ring size by using a piece of string or even dental floss for those that are doing this in their home. Wrap it around the base of your finger.

Take a pen to mark where the string or floss overlaps. Then measure the line with a millimeter ruler and note down the length of the string. You can also order a ring sizing tool online which can easily assist you in doing this. Another good technique is to find a piece of jewelry that you already own, preferably one that fits you well. Place the ring on a circle of a true-to-size ring guide, which you can often print off yourself.

Then look on the size chart until you find the circle drawing that matches up with the internal circumference of your ring.

Is it Better to Guess Bigger or Smaller

If you are struggling to get a good idea of your partners ring size for an engagement ring, then it is always good to go a little ‘too big’.

Too big is better than too small, because a smaller size risks not being able to wear the ring at all, especially when you try to slide it on their finger during the proposal. Also, jewelers find it much easier to resize a ring that is too big than one that is too small. When in doubt, go half a size up, just to be on the safe side.

Resizing: What You Need to Know

Resizing a ring can be a simple or complex process, depending on the ring’s design and material. Bands without stones are the easiest to resize. However, rings with gemstones, intricate patterns, or those made from materials like tungsten or titanium pose more of a challenge. It’s vital to know that resizing can also affect the integrity of the ring and may not always be possible, so it’s often best to aim for the right size from the start. While going with the average ring size might seem like a safe bet – sometimes resizing needs to happen to get that “fit like a glove” feel.

Figuring Out Their Ring Size

Whether you are getting this ring for a lover, a friend, or a relative, a ring is generally given as a surprise gift.

So, if you were to directly ask the person their ring size, it would spoil the whole surprise, so that option if off the table.

If you are looking for an engagement ring, you want to avoid ruining the surprise best you can, so asking your partner about their ring size if an absolute no-go. While you can anticipate based on average ring sizes, your partner may not be the exact perfect ring size. So, we will help you by giving you a few other creative ideas to find out their ring size, without them finding out what you are up to.

A Pen and a Line

Many jewelers expressed that the most accurate way to measure someone else’s average ring size is to sneak a ring commonly worn by that person and put it on your own finger.

Then take a pen and draw a line on your ringer directly under and below where the ring is resting. After you have done this, take a trip over to your local jewelry store. They will then find a ring sizer and do their best to match the size based on where that line on your finger is. These people will often have a ring size chart and a keen eye for sizing rings. The main reason that you should draw the line on your finger beneath the ring, instead of above, is that it is always better to overestimate the ring size than to underestimate it.

As we mentioned previously, it is better to have the ring be a bit too big, and too small. You do not want your bride-to-be struggling to squeeze the engagement ring on her finger.

Use Their Jewelry

One of the easiest ways is to find a ring that they wear already, on their ring finger on their right hand, or the middle finger of their left hand.

With this you can go to a jeweler, of whom will closely inspect this and give a better approximation of the ring size of your partner.

They may even be able to help you find the perfect, gorgeous engagement ring.

Ask for the Help of their Friends and Family

You can also always enlist the assistance of your partners friends in order to help you determine your partners ring size, especially if one of them is already married or engaged, they will be able to help you.

You can have that particular person ask around for you, by perhaps, casually bringing it up to your partner in normal conversation. If your partner is hoping for an engagement ring, they may have already mentioned their ring size to their friends anyway, which would be especially useful in this instance. Alternatively, if that friend happens to be already wearing a ring of their own, they can ask your partner to try it on, “for fun”, there are so many ways to go about this. Get creative. You can also focus beyond just the ring size, you can also figure out your partners ring style preference, or even its design by enlisting the help of their friends.

Their Best Friend/ Maid of Honor Can Help

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of your partners best friend. So if you know who they would have as their maid of honor, then you can use their help. This person would be able to directly ask your partner about their ring finger size and their ring preferences. No matter how you choose to determine your partners ring size, you can be reassured by the notion that regardless, it can always be resized. Of course, it depends on where you look. However, some jewelers will offer a complimentary ring resizing service within a specific time frame. They can also often provide an engagement ring cleaning too.

You can ask the jeweler about a free resize period so that you do not miss out on the service opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions 

You are bound to have plenty of questions regarding ring sizing, and we don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

So, here are the answers to any question you may have about ring sizing.

How is a ring supposed to fit?

A ring should fit on your finger comfortably, it should not be too loose or too tight.

You can alter your ring size to be larger or smaller if the ring does not fit comfortably too.

Is it possible to tell a persons ring size by their height or weight?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could! Sadly height and weight are no indicator to ring size. Everyone is unique, and so is every hand.

Some people are born with long, thin fingers, others have broad and short fingers, and there is no correlation between the shape and size of a persons fingers and their height and weight.

Is it true that your ring size can be the same as your shoe size?

It is possible that for some people, they may find that their ring size is the same as their shoe size. Even though this is possible, it is not always true, some people have vastly different shoe and ring sizes.

So, if you are going on a search for an engagement ring for your beloved, don’t go jumping to the conclusion that their shoe size will match their ring size, you could end up getting it massively incorrect!

Can ring size change during pregnancy?

Ring size can be affected during pregnancy. If you are buying an engagement ring for your partner, and you are planning on having kids sooner or later, do keep in mind that you may have to have the ring resized during pregnancy.

This is why many jewelers will recommend choosing a size up for diamond engagement rings.

Can finger size fluctuate?

Your finger size actually can fluctuate. Any part of your body can fluctuate in size much like your whole body can.

Your fingers can increase or decrease in size easily. It affects rings sizes and can make it important that you choose a larger size as opposed to a smaller one. Anything can affect your finger size, these are some reasons why;

  • What time is it? The time of day can affect your ring size. Depending on when you measure your ring size during the day, your ring size is likely to be smaller in the morning before you eat or drink anything.
  • Weight gain or loss can also affect your finger size. Try to measure when at the most consistent weight. Weight will also often tend to increase rather than decrease, as is throughout the day. Then you should size your finger in the morning before eating.
  • Seasons. The time of year will affect your body temperature and therefore your ring size too/ Hotter weather will be more likely to make your fingers swell and more prominent. Meanwhile, in colder months the ring will fit more loosely. When in doubt stick with larger sizes, larger sizes will still fit if your hands swell in the warm weather.

What should I consider before I size my fingers?

There are a few things that you should consider before you size your fingers for a ring. You should consider the following points to get the most accurate measurement.

  • Think about your knuckles. It is a smart idea to size your ring according to your knuckle size, consider the size of your knuckles beforehand. If you have large knuckles, you will want to ring to go over your knuckle and stay cozy so that it won’t randomly slide off. If you do have long and slender fingers, a wide ring band can help you to achieve a more cozy fit. You should also go up a quarter size when you buy a ring with a broader band. Similarly, when you buy a thin-band ring, and you fluctuate down in your weight, then you should consider going a quarter size down. Do ensure that the quarter size smaller option can slide over your knuckle too.
  • Keep it clean. Wash your hands before you resize a ring, or size your fingers. Not just for cleanliness, but you can wash oil or lotions off your hands by doing so, rubbing your hands together before you size will also warm them up to.
  • Dominance. Consider which hand you are going to be wearing this ring on. Your dominant hand will be larger than your other hand, therefore the average ring size of your dominant hand is also larger. Do not measure simply for one hand thinking that the other hand will automatically match up.

The Role of a Professional Jeweler

A professional jeweler doesn’t just sell you a piece of jewelry with the average ring size. No. They should guide you through the selection process and provide you with customized options. They help determine the proper ring size, taking into account factors like knuckle size, recommend appropriate styles, and ensure the ring is a good fit for your lifestyle (and your ring finger). This expertise is invaluable for making a choice that will stand the test of time.

Our Final Say

For marriage, the ring is typically worn on the left ring finger. Make sure that if you are sizing for someone else you get the right size, or go a little up from that.

Resizing is always an option. Use all resources you can to get that perfect fit!