20 Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

If you’re getting your hair done by a stylist for your wedding, then it’s best to sometimes show them a picture of exactly what you’d like done, so they’ll be able to imitate it and you’ll be able to feel 100% your best.

You may think that medium-length hair doesn’t offer the same versatile bridal hairstyles that longer hair would, but you’d be surprised at the endless possibilities, from updos to half up half down looks, there’ll be something that will be perfect for you.

Here are 20 recommendations of some beautiful bridal hairstyles for medium-length hair.

6 Hair Down Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

If you want something that's low maintenance and not overly fussy for your wedding day, then having your hair styled all down can be an easy option and won’t take too long.

You won’t have to worry about bobby pins or hair falling out and you can enjoy your wedding party swishing your beautiful hair without a care in the world.

Many brides who don’t like to or don’t frequently style their hair in day-to-day life opt for a hair down style as they feel it suits their personal style and care-free personality.

If your wedding dress has a lot of detailing around the decolletage or even a high neck, then we’d recommend not styling your hair down as it’ll take the attention away from the dress.

You can style your hair both straight, curly, or waved, depending on what you’d prefer. Brides with dead straight hair will want to make sure they use plenty of styling products if they’re going to curl their hair for their wedding day.

7 Updo Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

An updo hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for an elegant bride who doesn’t want to take away the attention from her dress.

Brides with thin hair like to go for an updo, as curling and pinning the hair in different ways can make the hair appear more voluminous than it is. Some stylists may even pin in hairpieces to create the illusion of a more voluminous updo.

Updos can vary from sleek, elegant tight buns, to more bohemian messy buns with strands of hair framing the face for a more effortless look.

7 Half Up Half Down Bridal Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

A very popular hairstyle for brides is the half up half down approach as it offers the best of both worlds, having some of the hair styled down and having pieces up, sometimes braided or sometimes pinned away from the face.

The half up half down can be done for a more polished and glamorous look or even a soft bohemian style.

The half up half down bridal hairstyle is perfect for securing the bridal veil or even a bridal hair adornment.