Cost of Renting Lounge Furniture For Your Wedding

Cost of Renting Lounge Furniture For Your Wedding

It’s no secret that wedding planning includes a lot of tiny details and it can be surprising to think of certain things that do need to be sorted for the big day. One of these things is renting furniture.

Whether it is for the ceremony itself or furniture for the reception, chairs, sofas, even chandeliers need to be ticked off the list and can help build on a theme and give a lot of photographic moments to your wedding as well as a place for people to relax.

If you’re not wanting to outright buy any furniture, you can easily rent some for the day. Not only is this cost effective, but it’s great for those who are working on a budget and don’t want to go over it. But how much does it cost to rent furniture for the big day? 

On average, it can cost around $150 to $200 for a sofa, $75 to $100 for a chair and $50 to $75 for an end table with chandeliers costing around $300 each. Bear in mind that this does exclude any additional fees such as delivery, pickup, insurance, damage deposit and cancellation fees.

These prices may come as a surprise but there are always cheaper alternatives to help save you as much money as possible without compromising on quality. You’ll know what to expect when it comes to sourcing your furniture as well as understanding all of those “hidden” costs.

Lounge furniture

One of the most expensive pieces of furniture you’ll have to rent is the couch or settee. These can usually cost between $150 to $200 to rent which makes them on the higher end of the scale.

Bear in mind, however, that these will be the areas that are going to be constantly in use on your wedding day as people need a place to relax.

You can choose your piece depending on whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding as well as renting a piece that will go with your overall theme. 

Choosing a great couch or settee is important because lots of guests will be using this as their photo op area.

You can also add extra decorations to them to give them a bit more customization which is ideal if you are working on a theme such as flowers or surrounding them with some candles or lamps. 

This will make your reception area really unique and special. If you are having an outdoor wedding then it is wise to have multiple lounging areas which will allow you to spread out your outdoor venue and give your guests a lot of options.

You should aim to have around 3 or 4 spots throughout the evening as this will encourage guests to move around the space. 


Another important piece of furniture and the first to come to mind for many are chairs. When it comes to renting a comfortable chair, this can easily cost between $75 to $100 to rent.

It is important to incorporate chairs into your lounge area as this will save you money as you can combine some chairs with a couch rather than renting several sofas per lounge area.

If you are having a traditional style reception then it may be wise to ask if the vendors have matching couches and chairs so they look more cohesive with your color scheme.

However, for those who want a more modern and quirky reception space then this probably isn’t important to you. 

It’s important to always have your wedding theme and color in mind when looking for furniture so you can be prepared for what to expect. Make sure you aren’t swayed by a color or price you aren’t comfortable with as chairs can easily add up. 

Side and end tables

Tables are the centerpiece of many lounge areas as guests will be using them to place their food and drinks as well as their belongings. They can cost between $50 to $75 depending on the size and style but they can really bring the whole theme and lounge area together.

It’s important to think about whether you want side or end tables or a combination of the two as this will give your guests an area that they can easily reach no matter where they are sitting in the lounge.

Making sure there is a surface where they can leave their drinks is important and convenient and will mean they can focus on having a good time without being forced to carry a drink in their hand all night. 


The last piece of furniture that you need to think about is lighting, specifically chandeliers. These will add a lot of class to your decor and can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces depending on how the electrics are set up.

Chandeliers can be hung from trees or in tents for around $300 but it is important to have a strong light especially if you are planning to party well into the night. They can be suited for any theme and make a great talking point and photo op for your guests.

As chandeliers can be expensive, it’s always best to look around the market and check the various options rather than just renting the first ones you see.

It could be wise to look at both rental companies and local thrift shops as they may have cheaper options that can easily be repainted and upcycled with the added bonus that you get to keep them at the end. 

If chandeliers are way out of your budget then flameless candles can be a great alternative with many options on Amazon. Another great option are waterproof LED lights that can be strung along the trees above the lounge areas which are fantastic for weddings with a boho vibe. 

Additional fees

As mentioned earlier, renting furniture can come with additional fees and it’s important that you are aware of this before signing any contracts. You may be required to pay a damage deposit and it’s always wise to check whether this is refundable or not and what counts as damage. 

Always ask about insurance and check whether the vendors are insured to work with your venue. The last thing you want is to pay in full only to find that there are insurance issues that prevent you from having the furniture used in the venue. 

Always check on delivery and pickup fees as these will be listed separately and if you’re using a variety of vendors then this may add up to a substantial amount without you realizing.

A cheap alternative is delivering and picking up the furniture yourself or asking family and friends to help out. Not all vendors allow this but it is best to ask. 

Make sure you read through your contract carefully before signing or making any payments. If you feel uncomfortable with any aspect of the contract then speak to the vendor directly about it over the phone or in person to get clarification on the issue.

This will save you any inconvenience or extra money in the long run. 

Alternatives to renting

There are alternatives to renting for those who are on a strict budget. You can always buy furniture second hand from social media sites or thrift shops and repaint or upcycle them to suit your wedding theme. Craigslist also has a large selection of furniture available.

This will save you from spending a large amount of money with additional fees.

For a lot of people, buying second hand furniture can be a more convenient and easier option as it cuts out the middleman and allows you to choose something that you want without worrying about contracts and insurance. 

However, it does also mean that you are limited in your choice as you have to put up with what you can find. 

Another factor that is important to remember when buying second hand furniture is that you get to keep it afterwards which can be an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how you look at it.

Maybe you need some furniture for your home or perhaps you don’t have the space to keep so much furniture. Either way, be prepared to have a whole lot of furniture at your disposal after the wedding has taken place.