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34 Chic Budget Wedding Decoration Ideas Including Lanterns

April 29, 2021 (0) Comments

34 Chic Budget Wedding Decoration Ideas Including Lanterns

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about a wedding might very well be the cost of it all. It’s not uncommon for people to worry about their wedding budget, thinking that they won’t have any extra left over for decorations after you’ve bought or rented all of the necessities. However, thankfully there are not more and more budget-friendly wedding themes being introduced so that you don’t have to spend too much on making your special day magical. Today we’ll be looking at decoration ideas with lanterns. Lanterns can be used in the entryways, hanging from the ceilings, or trees outside. (Xanax bars) They can be lit to offer some lovely ambiance during the nighttime festivities, or full of flowers or confetti to make amazing centerpieces during the day. As lanterns are often not made of much more than crepe paper, they are incredibly cheap to make or source. Making your own lanterns not only saves a big chunk of your budget, but they can also be a good DIY to keep your mind off of the stress from the wedding planning. More traditional lanterns can also be easily sourced online secondhand, so even these don’t require a lot of your budget. Let’s take a look at all of the different ways you could use lanterns on a budget for your wedding day. Your guests are going to marvel at how cheap your lanterns were when they look as lovely as the ones below!

Lanterns as Centerpieces

When it comes to weddings, centerpieces are very important. They bring all of your decor together and are a simple way to make your wedding look much more chic. They can also be used to hold up the table numbers or guest favors. Flowers are a traditional centerpiece option, but lanterns can be used as a cheaper alternative that offers a rustic feel to your wedding. You can also keep a candle in the lantern to provide a soft light for as the wedding day turns into the night.

Floral Lanterns

You don’t have to confine your lanterns to just holding candles. Instead, you can use them to fill with flowers or petals to make an eloquent and traditional decoration.

Filling your lanterns with flowers will also allow you to spend less on flowers as you won’t need as many to fill a lantern as you would to create an entire arrangement. Floral lanterns are less commonly seen at weddings, making them all the more interesting and exciting for your guests to see. 

Hanging Lanterns

Lanterns can be hung from anywhere you want them to be, at any height. Just imaginet that scene in Tangled with the Festival of Lights! This would be an amazing scene to replicate by hanging lots of lanterns from the ceiling with battery powered candles within them. Alternatively, you can hang lanterns outside from trees or around the doorways to make them look more inkeeping with your theme. Again, these can either be full of flowers, confetti, or fake candles. 

Letting Lanterns Go

Why not get a lot of Chinese lanterns for you and your guests to let go at the end of the wedding party? These are lit and the fire fills the lantern up with fumes before lifting it far into the sky.

If you’ve ever seen a lot of people letting off lanterns at the same time, you’ll love the idea of the image being included within your wedding.Chinese lanterns are not too expensive and therefore will allow you to get enough for your guests without spending too much of your budget. 

Ambient Lighting

The most simple way of using lanterns is to fill them with either real or fake candles and dot them around your venue to give you a lot of soft, ambient lighting.

These are lovely and avoid you from having to turn on harsh lighting to be able to see your guests. Another way to do this is to fill the lantern with fairy lights to create a more modern looking lantern centerpiece.

Just make sure that the fairy lights are battery powered so that you don’t need to source lots of power outlets. 

Daytime Lanterns

Using lanterns in the daytime are cheap and fun ways to introduce a rustic theme into your wedding.

They can be used for countless reasons, such as holding party favors or showing people to the correct tables. 

Night Time Lanterns

Night time lanterns make them seem much more impressive with lots of lighting within them.

They can be beautiful and offer amazing light that looks much more interesting than a simple overhead light or a sconce on the wall.