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Cost of Renting Dishes, Glasses, and Flatware for Your Wedding

April 28, 2021 (0) Comments

Cost of Renting Dishes, Glasses, and Flatware for Your Wedding

Weddings can be very expensive, and that’s a fact. However, if you plan your own wedding, and try to do as much as you can yourself instead of hiring services, then it can turn out to be a bit cheaper. In regards to the food, a lot of catering services will include the dishes, glasses, and flatware, as part of the service. But often, you can make it cheaper by getting your own. The problem is, who owns dishes, glasses, and flatware pretty enough for a wedding?

And not only that, you’re going to need quite a few, and ideally, they should all match. So you’re left with either buying a whole lot of dishware, sourcing it from friends or family, somehow making it yourself, or renting it. The easiest and usually cheapest option is to rent. (That’s right! You can rent dishes, glasses, and flatware for weddings! You can rent almost anything you need for a wedding if you find the right service!)

But how much will renting these items cost? Let’s break down the averages!

The Average Cost for Renting Dishes

Dishes, believe it or not, can be a pretty big part of a wedding. They’ll be one of the most noticeable components of the wedding reception meal (apart from the overall decoration and food itself, of course), and there are enough choices to make you dream of plates for weeks.

The type of dishes that you choose can depend on many things, but one of the main deciding factors will be the overall theme of the wedding. And in all truth, you can find dishes of all sorts, with some being incredibly unique and original. Although these will be harder to find. But when it comes to proper wedding renting services, they will usually have the more traditional and commonly used options available. But not to worry, there’s plenty of them! Here are the most popularly rented wedding dishes, and their average cost:

  • Basic white plates: between 40 and 50 cents per plate
  • Dessert plates: around 75 cents per plate
  • Pasta plates: around 75 cents per plate
  • Pearl white with gold rim plates: around 85 cents per plate
  • Side plates: around 75 cents per plate
  • Soup bowls: around 75 cents per plate
  • Standard cream plates: around 75 cents per plate

So, on average, renting dishware will cost between 40 and 90 cents per plate.

How Many Dishes Do I Need? 

It’s a valid question when renting dishes for a wedding.  The number of dishes to rent for a wedding largely depends on the style of the event, the menu, and the meal service chosen. Of course, how many people you invite is a big factor too.  As a general guideline, plan for a minimum of three plates per person for a formal, multi-course dinner—this typically includes a dinner plate, a salad or appetizer plate, and a dessert plate. For a more casual or buffet-style setting, you may need fewer pieces, such as a dinner plate and a dessert plate. Consider any additional courses or specialty dishes in your menu, like soup or pasta, and adjust the quantities accordingly. Collaborating with your caterer or event planner is key to tailoring the dish count to your specific wedding plans, ensuring that you have enough plates to accommodate the culinary experience you envision for your guests.

So, on average, renting dishware will cost between 40 and 90 cents per plate.

The Average Cost for Renting Glasses

If you think dishware has lots of options, wait until you start researching wedding glasses.

With guests drinking all sorts, from water to wine, to spirits, to others…the amount of different glass types needed at a wedding can quickly go up in number.

Once again, the type of glasses you opt for will depend on the theme of your wedding, and the overall style you’re going for.

You might also want to buy some of the glasses, and maybe personalize them with details of the wedding as a keepsake, as this is quite a common tradition! Maybe buy the glasses for the bride and groom, and rent the rest? Up to you! There are plenty of renting services for wedding glasses, with some having some pretty specific and unique designs. (Cialis)

But here are the most commonly rented types of glasses, and their average price:

  • Basic water glasses: around 40 cents per glass
  • Basic wine glasses: around 40 cents per glass
  • Brandy snifters: around 75 cents per snifter
  • Champagne flutes: around 50 cents per flute
  • Hiball glasses: around 40 cents per glass
  • Long-stemmed glasses: around 55 cents per glass
  • Margarita glasses: around 1 dollar per glass
  • Mason jars: around 75 cents per glass
  • Old fashioned glasses: around 40 cents per glass
  • Shooter glasses: around 40 cents per glass
  • Stemless wine glasses: around 55 cents per glass 
  • Vintage glasses: between 85 cents and 1.50 dollars per glass

So, on average, renting glassware will cost between 40 cents and $1.50, give or take.

How Many Glasses Do I Need? 

Consider at least three glasses per person for a comprehensive drink selection when figuring out rent glasses for wedding plans. This will cover water goblets, wine glasses, and possibly a champagne flute for toast. Adjust the quantities based on your specific beverage offerings; for example, if you’re serving both red and white wine, having separate glasses for each type is advisable. Additionally, if your wedding includes a cocktail hour or specialty drinks, factor in extra glasses accordingly. Collaborating with your caterer or event planner can help refine the numbers based on your unique plans, ensuring that you have ample glassware to accommodate the preferences and enjoyment of all your guests throughout the celebration.

The Average Cost for Renting Flatware

When we talk about the flatware for a wedding, we’re talking about the utensils: forks, knives, spoons, and the likes.

Because yes, in a wedding you want everything to look its best, and you want everything to match the desired aesthetic. And that goes right down to the type of fork your guests will use to eat!

When it comes to utensils it’s 100% a good idea to rent, as there really is no need for you to have that many forks and spoons and knives, and they’re easy enough to rent from the right services. Here are the most commonly rented flatware, and their average prices:

  • Standard stainless steel fork: between 40 and 60 cents per fork
  • Standard stainless steel knife: between 40 and 60 cents per knife
  • Standard stainless steel spoon: between 40 and 60 cents per spoon
  • Premium stainless steel utensils: around 65 cents and over per utensil 
  • Gold-plated or decorated utensils: around $1 and over per utensil

So, on average, renting flatware will cost between 40 cents and 1 dollar or over. The fancier the utensils, the more expensive they will be, and the prices can keep going up and up.

How Much Flatware Do I Need? 

When we get the question, how much flatware do I need? We like to advise our readers to use your guest list as a good place to start.  As a general guideline, plan for at least three pieces of flatware per person for a formal three-course meal, including a salad fork, dinner fork, and a knife. If your menu includes a soup course or additional courses, you may need to add more pieces accordingly. If you rent flatware for a wedding that is less formal or buffet-style service, you can opt for a minimum of two pieces, such as a dinner fork and knife. It’s always prudent to consider extras for unforeseen circumstances and to account for any appetizers or dessert offerings. Consulting with your caterer and rental provider can help you tailor the quantity to your specific wedding plans, ensuring a seamless dining experience for all your guests.

Factors That Affect Pricing 

The average cost of wedding rentals depends on numerous details – each of which plays a critical role in determining the sum-total price. Here’s a breakdown of the key elements affecting pricing:

  1. Quantity and Quality: The number of place settings you require and the quality of the items significantly impact the cost. Higher quantities or premium materials may lead to increased expenses.
  2. Design and Style: The aesthetic appeal of the dishes, glasses, and flatware contributes to pricing. Intricate designs, trendy patterns, or special finishes may incur additional charges.
  3. Rental Duration: The length of time you need the rental items affects the overall cost. Whether it’s a one-day event or an extended celebration, rental durations can vary, influencing pricing accordingly.
  4. Customization Options: If you opt for personalized or custom-designed pieces, expect a higher cost. Customization adds a unique touch but can impact the overall budget.
  5. Logistics and Delivery: The location of your event and the logistics involved in transportation and delivery play a role. Remote venues or complex delivery setups may result in increased costs.
  6. Additional Services: Some rental companies offer supplementary services like setup, breakdown, and cleaning. These add-ons contribute to the overall convenience but can affect the final pricing.

Understanding these factors will help you make informed decisions when selecting rental items for your wedding, ensuring a perfect balance between quality and budget.

Additional Charges to Consider When Renting

Renting your dishes, glasses, and flatware can be a great idea to reduce the overall cost of the wedding, as they will likely be cheaper than an all-inclusive catering service, and they’ll definitely be cheaper than outright buying all the components. (Besides, what are you supposed to do with so many dishes and glasses and utensils afterward?) We’ve given you the average estimated costs for each of the dishes, glasses, and flatware, but prices can vary depending on many different things.

You can find cheaper, more affordable options, and you can also find fancier more expensive options. It’s all about doing the research and comparing different prices. But one thing you need to remember, no matter the renting option you go for, is that there might be some additional prices on top of the actual renting price of each item. Here are a few possible additional charges to consider:

The Delivery Fee:

Some rental services will offer to deliver all the dishes and glasses and utensils that you choose to rent for the wedding.

Which will save you from having to load them all up in a car a few days prior. However, this might result in an additional fee, so make sure to ask beforehand.

The Minimum Rental Price:

Some services will have a minimum rental price in place, which means you need to rent a minimum amount of items in order to use the service. (This is because they would hardly make a profit if someone rented a single dish or glass!)

Usually, this isn’t a problem for weddings, as you’ll need plenty. But it’s something to keep in mind.

The Insurance Fee:

Plenty of accidents can occur during a wedding. And when guests begin to get a little tipsy, it can be very easy for them to accidentally break a glass or dish.

And the problem is, you’re renting them, meaning you’re expected to take them back! This is why most rental services will have insurance to cover any possible damage.

There might be different tiers to this insurance, but it’s definitely worth getting it.

Time Frame:

When you rent, you will usually have a deadline by which you have to return the items, as you aren’t expected to need them for more than the wedding day.

However, you might not have time to return them on the same day, or even on the day after. So make sure you know the deadline beforehand, or else you might be paying a late return fee.

Whether You Have to Return Them Clean or Not:

Each rental service will have its own rules, but if you’re expected to return the items clean, and you don’t get the chance, then they might charge you extra.

So we recommend looking for a service that includes the cleaning with the rental.

Alternatives Methods to Renting Dishware, Flatware, and Glassware 

Here are some alternative methods to wedding plates and silverware rentals for your wedding event, offering both cost-effective and unique options.

  1. Borrow from Friends and Family: Reach out to friends and family members who might have sets of dishes, flatware, or glassware. This not only adds a personal touch to your event but can also be a sentimental choice.
  2. Thrift Stores and Vintage Shops: Hunt for treasures in thrift stores or vintage shops. You can find eclectic sets that add character to your table settings. Plus, it’s an environmentally friendly choice, giving previously owned items a new life.
  3. Purchase Disposable Alternatives: If the event is more casual or you’re aiming for a hassle-free cleanup, consider high-quality disposable options. There are eco-friendly alternatives available, reducing environmental impact.
  4. DIY and Upcycling: Get creative by repurposing mismatched items or creating a cohesive look through DIY projects. Paint, decorate, or mix and match to achieve a unique and personalized table setting.
  5. Local Artisans and Craftsmen: Support local artisans who create handmade pottery or unique dishware. Not only does this add a touch of craftsmanship to your event, but it also supports local businesses.

Should you rent dishware, glassware, and flatware for your wedding?

Now you know the average costs of renting dishes, glasses, and flatware for your big wedding day. And we’ve gone through some of the most common options, as well as some additional charges to be aware of.

But the question is, should you rent? Is it really worth it?

At the end of the day, it depends on what you need, and what you prefer. If you have the money for an all-inclusive catering service that provides all the dining items, this is usually more comfortable, and less of a hassle. But also more expensive.

This is why renting the dishware and others can be a way to make the wedding slightly cheaper, and there’s no need for you to outright buy them. However, even if you do decide to rent, it’s always a good idea to buy a set of dishes, glasses, and flatware, as a keepsake of your wedding.

Maybe a personalized set that’s extra fancy, to be used by the groom and bride, on their special day, that you can then take home with you.

How Else Can I Save on Costs for a Wedding?

Aside from dishes, glasses, and flatware, there are a variety of other ways to help with the costs of planning your wedding. 

  • Opt for an off-peak season or weekday because it could yield considerable savings on venues and services. 
  • A smaller, more intimate guest list not only cuts down on catering and seating costs but also allows for a more personal celebration. 
  • Embracing DIY elements for invitations, decorations, and favors adds a unique touch while keeping expenses low. 
  • Additionally, leveraging free or cost-effective online tools for your wedding website such as wedding website templates can significantly reduce expenses typically associated with custom web design and hosting. Your wedding website can serve as a central hub for all wedding details, RSVPs, and even photo sharing post-event. 
  • Selecting local vendors and negotiating package deals can also help in staying within budget.

Consider free options for post-wedding and engagement photo locations in San Diego, or wherever you might be having your wedding.  Local parks don’t cost a dime, and their lovely backdrop will make your pictures really shine.

In Conclusion

The cost of renting dishes, glasses, and flatware for your wedding will depend on the type of items that you’re choosing, the amount of them that you need, and the rental service that you’re using. But on average, items will cost between 30 cents and 2 dollars each, varying from item to item, and its quality or design. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Dishes, Glasses and Flatware for Weddings

What types of dishes, glasses, and flatware are available for wedding rentals?

Rental companies should have a wide range of styles, including classic, modern, and vintage. Options include different types of plates, glasses (wine, champagne, water, etc.), and flatware (knives, forks, spoons in various styles).

How do I determine the quantity of dishes, glasses, and flatware to rent for my wedding?

A general rule is to count one set per guest for each course of the meal. It’s also wise to add extra for unexpected guests or accidents. Discuss with your caterer for precise numbers.

Do rental companies offer packages for dishes, glasses, and flatware?

Many do offer packages that bundle various items at a discounted rate. It’s always worth asking about package options to potentially save money.

Will the rental company deliver, set up, and pick up the items?

Most companies provide delivery and pick-up services. Set-up services might be available for an additional fee. Confirm these details when you book.

How far in advance should I book my dish, glass, and flatware rentals?

It’s best to book as soon as your guest list and menu are finalized, typically 3-6 months in advance. For weddings during peak season, consider booking even earlier.

Can I rent items that match my wedding theme or colors?

Absolutely. Most rental companies have a variety of styles and colors to match different wedding themes. Discuss your theme with the company to find the best fit.

What happens if something gets broken or lost?

Most rental companies have a policy for breakage, loss, or damage. Typically, you’ll be charged a replacement fee for any items that are damaged or not returned.

Are the dishes, glasses, and flatware cleaned before and after use?

Yes, rental companies clean and sanitize all items before they’re delivered. You’re usually expected to rinse the items after use and repack them for pick-up.

Is a deposit required for renting dishes, glasses, and flatware?

Most companies require a deposit or a percentage of the rental cost upfront. The deposit is often refundable depending on the company’s policy.