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Bride Or Groom On A Budget? Affordable Unique & Easy Centerpiece Ideas You’ll Love Using Candles

April 28, 2021 (0) Comments

Bride Or Groom On A Budget? Affordable Unique & Easy Centerpiece Ideas You’ll Love Using Candles

If you’re preparing to tie the knot soon and worried about finding cash for all of those finishing touches, don’t despair! Many things can be easily achieved as DIY with things you’ll be able to pick up super cheap, some even at the dollar store.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – this is my big day! I don’t want dollar store decor! But you’d be surprised what a couple of little accessories paired with some fake flowers – also inexpensive – and romantic candles can do. 

Check out the below examples and see just how easy it is to make a whole bunch of centerpieces for very little money and still lay an absolutely stunning table. Trust me, I wouldn’t recommend anything I wouldn’t have at my own wedding!

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These adorable star-adorned lanterns can be picked up at IKEA for two bucks apiece, filled with whatever kind of candles you like.

Any local craft store should have some budget-friendly foliage for you to wrap around them for that forest-fairy rustic edge.

You can also pick up those little glass tealight holders from IKEA for less than a dollar each too, if you’d like to scatter some of those around your tables as well.

Basically, what I’m saying is that you can pretty much style your entire wedding from IKEA.


Ask your friends and family to start collecting cute jars and other glass trinkets and you’ve got yourselves a centerpiece!

Simple flowers like these baby’s breath can be picked up fairly cost-effectively, especially if you decide to go down the fake route.

You can also find glass bowls and dishes at thrift stores, and these gorgeous traditional looking log discs are super affordable – check them out via the Pinterest link!

Struggling to find any in your area? eBay is your friend!

You can usually find a bunch of newlyweds selling off their centerpiece accessories in bulk for you to snag!


Another easy one – again, ask around friends and family and collect a bunch of jam or mason jars – you may want to thoroughly clean and polish them before the big day!

Log centerpieces like this are very easy to come by and not that expensive at all, especially if you’re buying in bulk.

Candles are of course, dollar store finds, and you can head to your local forest to get some mossy foliage like this for absolutely free!

If you happen to know a lumberjack, they could hook you up with some logs…

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Want something small, secure and kid friendly, yet super gorgeous?

Find yourself some of these jars at your local Target or similar store for very little money, and while you’re there, see if they have the flameless candles pictured.

Again, these cost next to nothing and will glow all night, without being a fire hazard.

That means you can have loads and scatter them everywhere!