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7 Timeless Dusty Blue Wedding Ideas

April 27, 2021 (0) Comments

7 Timeless Dusty Blue Wedding Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your special day? It’s always a good idea to start with a very versatile base color. One of the most popular wedding colors is blue and a super trendy shade of blue right now is ‘Dusty Blue’. 

Dusty blue is easily complimented by pretty much any color combination which is what makes it the perfect base for a wedding color scheme.

It’s a particularly popular color for bridesmaids dresses because it looks great on everyone and creates the perfect backdrop for beautiful bouquets. You can also go for dusty blue suits or maybe even a dusty blue cake! 

It also works well with other popular colors like blush pinks, sage greens, beautiful burgundy’s and more. The color combos are endless with dusty blue. Check out our top 7 gorgeous dusty blue wedding color ideas to inspire your big day.

Dusty Blue & Soft Pink

Dusty Blue & Soft Pink

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Dusty blue and soft pink is the ultimate color combination and a hugely popular color scheme for weddings in recent years.

Beautiful pastel colors are on trend right now, particularly dusty blue and blushing pinks.

Dusty Blue & Soft Pink 2

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Just imagine having a wedding color scheme that matches the colors of the sky and clouds as the sun begins to set – it’s super dreamy and romantic, the ultimate Cinderella vibe

Dusty Blue & Soft Pink 3

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Go for dusty blue suits and soft blush bridesmaid dresses, with a mix of blue and pink in the flower arrangements.​

Add in a few white flowers to add another dimension and break up the color palette if you like. Alternatively, dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are also a beautiful choice.

They also work well because they bring out both the masculine and feminine elements beautifully and subtly – it’s a match made in wedding heaven!

Dusty Blue & Rustic Orange

Dusty Blue & Rustic Orange 1

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Dusty Blue & Rustic Orange 2

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An unlikely pairing but, dusty blue and soft oranges actually work super well together.

The oranges will bring out a gorgeous rustic feel, absolutely perfect for outdoor ceremonies or indoors during fall for an autumnal feel.

Dusty Blue & Rustic Orange 2

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For outdoor ceremonies adding it a few splashes of sage green could add depth and will add some natural color for a more botanical vibe.

You can add deeper oranges and reds if you want an even more autumnal feel, dusty blue can’t be overpowered so get creative with it.

We envisage flowing dusty blue bridesmaid dresses and bouquets with lots of oranges and some light pinks – swoon!

Dusty Blue & Sage Green

Dusty Blue & Sage Green 1

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Dusty Blue & Sage Green 2

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This color combo will give you a wedding that feels ultimately effortless and elegant.

These colors will make the space more airy and open and will allow the white of your dress to pop and stand out.

Dusty Blue & Sage Green 3

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This combo would be perfect for a rustic outdoor space too, the greens will blend in with the surrounding nature to create a relaxed, effortless feel.

We picture a spring wedding with lots of gorgeous greens dotted around in the flowers and in the table settings, set against a dusty blue backdrop with the bridesmaid’s dresses and men’s suits. 

Green is a really easy color to add in naturally, you could make use of fake ivy and other plants to decorate the reception tables or line the aisles of the ceremony, allowing dusty blue to take the center stage.

Dusty Blue & Burgundy

Dusty Blue & Burgundy 1

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An absolutely gorgeous fall combination and another perfect rustic outdoor palette, dusty blue and burgundy is a classic color scheme.

It could also work for an indoor winter wedding as the burgundy will add a lovely warmth to the space.

Dusty Blue & Burgundy 2

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If you want a bolder color scheme you can also add deeper blues in the men’s suits and some light pinks to soften the bouquets.

These colors will look incredible against the white of your dress, too.

Dusty Blue & Burgundy 3

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For a fall wedding you could even make use of dried Autumn leaves to decorate the table settings.

Plus, a burgundy pocket square against a dusty blue suit would be very fetching on your gorgeous groom.

Dusty Blue & Pale Yellow

Dusty Blue & Pale Yellow 1

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Dusty Blue & Pale Yellow 2

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Normally this combination could easily cause a ‘color clash’ situation but by choosing softer shades this color palette is actually gorgeous and perfect for a summer wedding.

Dusty Blue & Pale Yellow 3

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It’s super joyful and bright – exactly what you want for your special day.

It’s very easy to add natural pops of yellow with the flowers and any extra yellows could come from the table cloths and glassware – use it sparingly for a sunny glow but allow the dusty blue to shine through.

Dusty Blue & Gray

Dusty Blue & Gray 1

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This is a very subtle color palette but dusty blue and gray are destined for each other. Gray suits with dusty blue bridesmaid dresses will compliment each other beautifully. 

You can add any color you want to the flowers or tableware to give the room a little boost if you wanted to, there is nothing you can’t put with dusty blue and gray.

Dusty Blue & Gray 2

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Simple gray additions could include candles, glassware and the seating. You could even go for a dusty blue wedding dress if you’re that dedicated to the theme!

Otherwise, these colors will look subtle and elegant next to your white dress, allowing you to remain the center of attention!

Dusty Blue & Navy

Dusty Blue & Navy 1

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Keep things simple with blue, blue and more blue! Allow the navy to take over with the men’s suit’s and add deeper blues to the bouquets as well as a silky navy ribbon tying them together. 

Dusty Blue & Navy 2

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Keep the rest of the table settings and invitations dusty blue to add light and a calmness to the space.

This is the ideal winter wedding color palette that will look drop dead gorgeous against the white of your dress.