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39 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

April 29, 2021 (0) Comments

39 Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

A bachelorette party is a big deal. It’s the brides last celebration of single life, a chance to let her hair down and let loose. For a large bridal party, the bachelorette acts as valuable bonding time.

Planning a bachelorette party typically falls to the bridesmaids. It can be an intimidating task. Every year bachelorette parties seem to get bigger and bigger. No one wants to be the person who let the team down.

But it’s so difficult to choose! There are nights out, nights in, and nights away.

Bachelorette parties are becoming an industry almost as big as weddings themselves. 

To be sure you make the right choice, we’ve been inspired by Yeah Weddings to put together a helpful guide. We want you to plan a bachelorette party the bride will never forget.

Low-key Ideas

Not every bride is going to want a big blow out before her wedding day. Especially for those that are feeling the strain of organizing such a massive event.

If you know a bride who needs a chance to wind down, then these simple and relaxing ideas are perfect for her.

Spa Day

Take some stress out of wedding planning by treating your bride to a day at the spa. A good pick if the day’s getting close, as she can get all the tricks to have her skin looking perfect.

Relax in the evening with a glass of bubbly, a face mask, and the knowledge that all your problems are far, far away.

Spa day

Cookery Class

It might seem daunting at first, but many cookery classes are low stress fun. Find one that caters to a specific recipe – we like pasta making!

Then, you get a step-by-step guide on how to make it. At the end of the class you have a skill for tomorrow, and something to eat today.

For brides with a sweet tooth, look for dessert classes. They can teach you something fiddly like macarons, or start you off with a basic cake recipe.

Sip and Paint

If you have a creative bride, then take her to a sip and paint. These classes are popping up everywhere, and they encourage you to loosen up your artistic side with the help of a glass of wine.

You get a giggle at the end seeing what inebriated you thought was a masterpiece. Who knows, you may even unleash a hidden talent.

It’s easy to organize at home as well. Get hold of some cheap paints, a big sketchbook, and as many bottles of wine as you need.

Sip and Paint

Afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a classy affair for a classy bride. If you know she used to binge-watch Downton Abbey, then this could be perfect.

You can dress up, put on your best English accents, and enjoy as many finger foods as you can eat.

Have a look in your area to find places that offer afternoon tea. Alternatively, throw your own. Fancy flatware can be rented, or disposable items purchased on a budget.

Take a look for appetizers and hors d’oeuvres that look the part, and then simply slice your sandwiches nice and small.

Afternoon Tea


A staycation is a chance to let loose without having to spend the night glued to Google maps.

It’s better for the budget as well, cutting down on transport costs. Find a hotel or AirBnB nearby, and gather the girls. 

A staycation feels a bit like a mixture of party and sleepover. Everyone can loosen up without the worries that come with travel. It’s a good way to have a fresh look at where you live.


Life Drawing

Another option for an artistic bride. Life drawing isn’t as stuffy as you expect it to be.

Yes, you probably shouldn’t giggle at the nudes too much. Mostly people are there to gain a skill and have some fun.

Book a meal out afterwards where you can let out the laughs, and compare pictures.

Life Drawing

Camping Trip

Get away from the stresses of wedding planning, and back to nature with a camping trip.

Especially for a large group of bridesmaids, this is a great opportunity to bond under the stars. Making s’mores, telling ghosts stories, or simple drinking wine in the fresh air.

If you don’t fancy pitching a tent, check AirBnB for glamping options.

Camping Trip

Yoga Retreat

A chance to push away the negative worries, and bring in the positive vibes. For the bride who needs a moment to disconnect.

If a retreat is out of budget, book a class instead. You get the same relaxing benefits, and you can go out for drinks afterwards.

Yoga Retreat

Fragrance party

Fragrance parties have sprung into popularity lately, with ladies enjoying the chance to experiment with scents and try something new.

Pampering for a bride who likes to feel unique.

Fragrance party


Many brides see the bachelorette party as their one last chance to go crazy. Especially with all the stress of wedding planning, letting out steam can become almost explosive.

These ideas are what to do for a bride who may be feeling weepy at saying goodbye to her single days. Create a night she’ll never forget – or one she won’t even remember the next morning.


Whether you can sing or not, everyone enjoys a bit of karaoke. Book a booth, so you can really let it go, and belt your heart out to the brides favorite tunes.

If you’ve never sung karaoke before, you might be surprised but how quickly you let loose.


Dance Lessons

Be ready to impress everyone at the wedding with the moves you pick up at a pre-wedding dance class.

Choose from salsa, samba, tap, street, or even waltz, if your bride fancies feeling like a nineteenth century noblewoman.

Dance Lessons

Party Bus

Make every part of the night a party by hiring a party bus. This takes you from place to place while ensuring the party never has to stop.

Use it for bar hopping, visiting breweries, or driving you to a weekend away. You might even find you don’t want to leave the bus at all

Party Bus

See a show

Have a bride who likes the theater? Look local to find a show, or book a weekend away with a theater trip included.

We recommend musicals to really get the party going, and to put you all in a dancing mood.

Another highlight of a theater trip is you can build a day around it. Book a fancy meal, put on your best outfits, and maybe sneak in a handful of snacks.

See a Show

Weekend Away

If you have the budget for it, a weekend away can be the most spectacular way to celebrate. You can spend a weekend sightseeing in New York, gambling in Vegas, or sunning yourself in Miami.

Build camaraderie, create memories, and get away from it all.

For some exciting ideas for a weekend away, check out this guide from Yeah Weddings. They can tell you where to go, and what to do when you’re there.

Weekend Getaway

Wine Tour

Tour a vineyard! Or a brewery. Or a gin distillery. Or a whiskey distillery. Or a vodka distillery. No, we’re not just talking about drinking your way around the bar. Many breweries, distilleries, and vineyards offer touring experiences.

You get to see how the drink is made, and try a few samples. Look to see what’s in your area, or make a weekend of it further afield. 

wine tour

Charter a Boat

Providing no one suffers from seasickness, a boozy boat bash is non-stop fun. Get away from the crowds, so you can let loose in the sunshine.

For a more relaxed vibe, just close your eyes and soak up the atmosphere. 

Boat hire can be expensive, but it does guarantee you privacy. Dress it up like a high-class yacht and let your bride pretend she’s sailing the French Riviera. 

Charter a boat

Pole Dancing

A future treat for the husband to be, and a surprising way to get fit. A pole dancing class might have you giggling at the start, but by the end your arms will be feeling like jelly.

Get in touch with your inner showgirl, and leave feeling ready for a night on the town (once you’ve had a quick sit down).

Pole dancing lessons are easy to find, with pole fitness fast becoming a popular workout.

Unlike other fitness classes, there’s an opportunity to dress up. Meet beforehand to put on your best (workout appropriate) look, and see how much body glitter you can sprinkle on. 

Pole Dancing

Visit a Psychic

The bride can enjoy a peek into her blissfully wedded future (fingers crossed), while the rest of the party can find when their happily-ever-after is coming along.

Get everyone’s fortune told, then compare futures over drinks and dinner.

visit a phychic

Scavenger Hunt

This one might require more in the way of organizing, but the end result is hours of fun. Get together a group of bridesmaids who know the bride the best, and set everyone off on a hunt across the city.

Where the night ends up is entirely your choice. Maybe at your bride’s favorite nightclub, or at the doors of the party bus. Have people collect items along the way, like sashes, t-shirts, and balloons. 

Try not to make it too complicated if you plan on drinking throughout the game. If there’s one surefire way to ruin a bachelorette party, it’s losing a bachelorette. Or worse, the bride.


High Octane

Some brides are looking for an opportunity to go wild in the run-up to their marriage. 

A wedding is a serious occasion for a serious commitment, so they want to do something crazy while they still can.

If you have a bride who’s a bit of a daredevil, or just wants to try something she’s never done before, then check out this list. It’s full of ideas for bachelorette parties that are unexpected, but still so much fun.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

If your bride is starting to feel the pre-wedding jitters, then a sudden drop from a great height is sure to put things into perspective. Although, it’s perhaps best to get this one done before cocktail hour. 

If bungee jumping doesn’t take her fancy, there are bridal party zip lines and bachelorette party sky-dives available.

Even trapeze, to show her no matter how tricky the venue is being, she still doesn’t want to join the circus. For a bride who’s stressing a little too much about the wedding.

If you choose to do something like this, make sure everyone’s fully on board. For some, the bachelorette party is the perfect time to choose something new. For others, it’s a way to say goodbye to their old life.

Only pick bungee jumping if you’ve discussed it with the bride before, or you know for a fact it’s something she’ll like.

Assault Course

Are you starting to panic every time your bride opens a wedding planner? Let her take out the aggression she’s feeling from caterers who won’t match her vision with a day at the assault course.

Assault courses have long been a bachelor party tradition. Men love to show off their masculinity with a wedding approaching.

We don’t think they deserve all the fun! If you’re feeling nervous you can discuss with the venue ahead of time to see what’s in store. Many will be open to negotiation, if you want to test yourself, but not too much.


Escape Room

Team building, and a chance to show off your smarts. Escape rooms can run from the very easy to the almost impossibly difficult.

Have a look to see the different themes available in your area, and prepare yourself for a bit of a test.

For a bride who likes horror films, this is the perfect option. The high of completion will carry you through the day, so when you raise a glass in cheer you can also toast your intelligence.

Escape Room


By now you’ve probably noticed that planning a wedding is stressful. Unleash some of that tension by shooting it out of a paint gun. 

Paintball is active without wearing you out, freeing without being aggressive, and a chance to ditch the sophisticated bride personality for an afternoon.

If you and the groomsmen are planning a joint party, paintballing is a great option. A chance to put each other to the test, in a no-holds barred shoot out.

Although, don’t plan this one too close to the wedding. A well-aimed shot can end up leaving a fairly significant bruise.

Paint Ball

Trampoline Party

Another one to do before the cocktail bar. If it’s been a while since you’ve been on a trampoline you may have forgotten just how fun they are. 

Feel like a kid again by bouncing your troubles away. It may have been a while since your bride has fully let go, and this will put a smile on her face.

Have a look in your local area to see what’s on offer. Some trampoline parks will leave you free to bounce, where others can offer light-gymnastics classes.

Trampoline Party

Play Poker

Before you choose this one, have a sneaky ask around to check no one happens to be a poker master. 

If you can’t afford a trip to Vegas, set up your own tournament at home. For beginners, you can often hire someone to come round and teach the entire party.

Playing for money isn’t the only option. You can bet chocolate, drinks, or buy a big bag of party favors and hand them out.

Should you choose to play for money, the only question is: should you graciously concede to the bride or not?

Play Poker

Party Games

Depending on how big the bridal party is, there may be a few awkward moments at the start of the night. Not everyone will know everyone, which is tough when you have to spend a lot of time together.

These party games are perfect icebreakers. They encourage you to share fun stories, let loose, and, of course, have a drink. Many can be played sober, and all can be played if you’re sober but don’t want to be for much longer.

Depending on how creative you are, you can even throw together your own games. We’re thinking scavenger hunt, pin the kiss, and the newlywed game. Get creating!

How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Start the night with a (relatively) easy game. Fill out these cards with what you know about the bride.

Some questions are trickier than you think! It’s up to the bride to declare a winner, and reward them appropriately. 

The loser, on the other hand, has to make a forfeit. For a drinking game, have everyone take a sip for each answer they got wrong.

Either play at the start to get the party going, or wait until everyone’s drunk enough that they can only just about remember the brides name.

Prosecco Pong

This kit comes with plastic glasses, so it doesn’t become a safety hazard as the game progresses. Like beer pong, the game is to score points on your opponent by bouncing balls into their glasses.

Prosecco pong is beer pongs classier cousin. Well, as classy as a ball throwing drinking game can be. You can also get G&T pong, for the bride who likes to say ‘it’s gin o’clock’ anytime past noon.

Relive the highs of being college beer-pong champion for one last time.

If you don’t want to pay for a kit, then this is relatively easy to put together yourself.

Most importantly, use plastic cups! If you want to make it a real challenge you can use the traditional prosecco cup. (We prefer a larger rim.)

For the Girls

This game comes with 500 cards to keep the party going and going. The deck will have you sharing your most embarrassing secrets, completing the most outrageous dares, and learning some things about your friends you may wish you’d never found out. 

The rules are easy. You start by rolling a multicolored dice. Whatever color the dice lands on, pick a card of the corresponding color.

Read the card aloud to the group, and perform the action. You either keep the card, or give it away. The game recommends the winner is the first to get to 25 cards, but you can play for however long you want.

Drunk Jenga

A game that gets significantly harder the longer you play. Different blocks feature different dares, to be completed by whoever pulls them out.

Play just like regular Jenga, only with a lot more drinking. After a few rounds, you’ll struggle to even take a block off the top row.

You can buy Jenga drinking sets, or write your own dares on a normal set. Doing it yourself may take some time, but you can make it really personal.

What Do You Meme?

For the meme-loving bride, this popular party game features pictures and captions that you have to match up.

You can adapt the rules to make it into a drinking game, or just play it straight and see what your friends can come up with.

Ring Toss

You can create your own, or make it easier by purchasing this fun banana-based ring toss.

Simply inflate the balloon to about 85%, have one girl clamp it between her thighs (not too hard), and get throwing. And afterwards, your bride has a lovely inflatable banana keepsake.

Ring toss is best played outdoor in groups. You can give prizes to winners, forfeits to those who miss, or just enjoy seeing how badly off-target some people throw.

Drink If…

Like the classic Never Have I Ever… with this game you pick out a card and everyone has to drink if they’ve done what it says. Perfect to get the party started. An ideal icebreaker for larger groups.

This set comes with 40 cards, to shock and embarrass.

Luckily, they’re made of glossy card stock, so can withstand some rowdiness and the occasional spilled drink. You can make your own, if you want to make it personal. 

Simply cut out some cards and write a ‘drink if…’ saying across the back. To include everyone, pass out blank cards at the start of the party and encourage people to fill them in.

When you get to playing, you may be shocked at the options they’ve come up with.

Party Supplies

No bachelorette party is complete without decorations. It’s how you make your bride feel like she’s being celebrated.

We’ve rounded up some of the best out there to get the night started – and get your pictures Instagram perfect. 

Now all you have to do is think of a hashtag.


Every bride loves balloons. They make a party feel like a party! Throw these up to instantly transform a room, and add some shine to your photos.

Some of these can even come out for the night with you, so everyone knows who your bride-to-be is.


Popping confetti is a classic bachelorette photoshoot idea. These options are sure to get your pictures sparkling.

Sprinkle across a table for the decoration, or through your hair before a night out.


A game and a decoration, a piñata is a fun addition to any bachelorette party. If your bride seems extra stressed, let her work the frustrations out on this before hitting the town.

These piñatas are easy to fill, so you can add what you like. Sweets are always a good choice, and a pack of ring pops in a cute nod to the occasion.

For something more adult, mini plastic bottles can be filled with alcohol and won’t break easily.


Let everyone know where the party is at! Is any bachelorette party complete without some sashes?

They look great in photos, and help you tell each other apart as the night goes on. We’ve rounded up the best for every type of party.

String Lights

Another must if you want the best looking photos. String lights can create a relaxed atmosphere if you’re staying at home, or get the party started for pre-gaming. It all depends on how you use them.

The choices we’ve linked below are versatile for many uses. Hang onto them when the party’s over and let them light up your Instagram feed.

Banners and Signs

The bachelorette party should make the bride feel special. It’s her you’re celebrating, of course.

These banners make the perfect backdrop, look great on Instagram, and remind her of the happy occasion every way she looks. 

Here are a collection to suit every theme. We’ve also included some photo booth props, which are a necessity if you want your pictures to pop.


Last but not least, the favors. A little thank you, and a reminder of a great day/night/weekend adventure. Choose something to start the night, or some self-care for the dreaded morning after.

If you’re planning a themed bachelorette party, then favors can be tied-in to create a memento. 

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

Planning a bachelorette party may seem like a daunting task at first, but it’s not that difficult.

Get together the bridesmaids, have a brainstorming session, and you’re sure to come up with something fabulous. You can tailor it to suit a low-key bride, or just go full on party!

How much should you spend on a bachelorette party?

Bachelorette parties can be very expensive, with the average in 2018 being $537! You don’t need to spend that much to make a great party.

Talk to your fellow bridesmaids, and the bride herself, to get an idea of budget.

The best party won’t be the one with the biggest budget, but the one that had time and care taken to plan. Pick a party that’s personal to your bride, and you can make a day special without going bankrupt.

Alternatively, treat it like a holiday. The party may be about the bride, but it’s for everyone to enjoy. Plus, it’s a special occasion, and one that won’t come around often. If you can afford to, don’t be afraid to treat yourself.