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30 Totally Brilliant Garden Wedding Ideas

April 29, 2021 (0) Comments

30 Totally Brilliant Garden Wedding Ideas

Is there anything better than an outdoor garden wedding? We think not! Especially on a gorgeous spring or summer day with the sun shining and a gentle breeze.

Actually, an outdoor wedding in the fall or winter can be equally lovely, provided you all wrap up warm. 

We wanted to show you some of the best inspo for totally brilliant garden weddings.

Whether your wedding is in the crisp fall months, or a hot May or June day, you are sure to love some of the dreamy ideas we have for you! 

Archway ideas 

There is nothing cuter than a decorative arch for a garden wedding. You can use it for the ceremony for you and your spouse to stand underneath, and then as a photo-op throughout the day for you and your guests.

The best part is they can be designed and decorated however you wish.

Fill it with autumn leaves, gourds, and orange flowers for a fall garden wedding, or daisies, butterfly decals, and twinkly fairy lights for a summer evening wedding. The only limit is your imagination. (floorshields)  


Ceremony seating ideas 

An outdoor wedding, especially in your own garden (or someone else’s) often means you have to get creative when thinking of seating.

One of the most important seating plans is how you are going to let your guests watch the nuptials. You can’t have them all standing, can you? Or worse still, on those old plastic garden chairs!

Take a look at some of the innovative ceremony seating ideas we have below to find something that fits perfectly in your garden and with your theme. 

Dining ideas 

From your dining tables and chairs to the actual food you eat, your dining options have to be considered carefully if you are having a garden wedding.

Sure, you may be able to use your kitchen to cook, but who wants to do that on their wedding day? Think about some cool and innovative catering ideas, as well as figuring out some seating for the eating.

A formal three-course meal is possible but might be a little trickier. On the other hand, something more laid back and relaxed like a cook-out or food truck may be a good plan! 

Entertainment ideas 

When it comes to entertainment, hosting a garden wedding opens so many doors.

There will likely be more room than if you were in a poky hall somewhere, and so you can really stretch your imaginations to figure out some awesome entertainment.

Perhaps a live band, some fireworks, or even fire-eaters (yes, really!). Being in the garden opens up your options a little more. 

Weather considerations 

Being outdoors means that you are exposed to the elements.

Now, a sunny, warm day may seem preferable, and it is certainly better than rain, but you may also need to consider the inevitable sweating and makeup run-off….and that is before we mention the layers and layers that are involved in a traditional wedding dress. 

Think about the bridal party outfits, the bride and groom, and the groomsmen. Outfit ideas will change depending on the time of year, but be prepared for all eventualities by supplying umbrellas, sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen!