20 Delicious Wedding Dessert Table Display Ideas

There’s nothing more exciting than planning your special day. That being said, wedding planning can be stressful, especially when it comes to choosing food that needs to please everyone.

In this article, I cover wedding dessert table display ideas so you have plenty of inspiration when it comes to the big day.

Keep reading to find out more.

1. Cake Bar 

Nothing says celebration like a dessert table display full of your favorite cakes.

Not only can you adjust the flavors in accordance with the seasons, but there’s bound to be a flavor that everyone likes!

2. Brownie Stack 

Sticking with the cake theme, why not opt for a dessert that has already been cut. What sounds more delicious than a stack of brownies?

3. Donut Wall 

Having increased in popularity over the last few years, a donut wall is an easy and delicious dessert table idea that will have your guest’s mouth’s watering!

4. Chocolate Fountain

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. What’s not to love about a fountain of melted chocolate with different foods to dip in?

5. Croquembouche

What says chic more than a French inspired wedding dessert?

6. Homemade Bakes 

Not only can you save a tonne of money if you make the desserts yourself, but they’ll give your special day a personal touch.

7. S’mores Bar 

For a cutesy, outdoors vibe, who wouldn’t love a s’mores bar?

8. Churros Bar

If churros are more your thing, then what better way to celebrate with a churros bar!

9. Macarons 

For a delicious French dessert, you could serve a variety of different flavored macarons on your dessert table.

10. Wedding Cookies 

There’s nothing quite like delicious cookies to see your wedding guests through, they’re a classic crowd-pleaser!

11. Rustic Cakes 

Everyone loves a rustic theme, and when you add baked goods to the mixture, this display will be sure to make your guests feel at home!

12. Fruit Cake

There’s no denying, twinkly fairy lights turn any dessert table into a magical wonderland! Keeping in line with the rustic theme, this fruit cake provides a gorgeous, rustic feel, but with an extra twinkle!

13. Candy Floss Bar

If your guests have got a sweet tooth, this candy floss bar is sure to satiate their cravings and is bound to be a huge hit with the kids!

14. Pavlova Bar

For a fruity edition in the midst of Summer, why not give your guests a pavlova bar to sink their teeth into?

15. Cronut Wedding Cake 

If you’re keen to ditch tradition, then there’s nothing better to compliment your wedding than a cronut wedding cake!

16. Candy

For a fun and colorful wedding dessert display, why not have an assortment of different candies as a display?

17. Color Coordinated

For an understated wedding display, you could always opt for a color coordinated dessert table.

18. Cake Pops

For a bite-sized dessert, cake pops are the perfect addition to your dessert table!

19. Donut Stack 

Your guests won’t be able to resist a stack of simple, glazed donuts!

20. Cherry Pie

Nothing says summer wedding like homemade cherry pie!

I hope this article has given you some inspiration and you hopefully feel less overwhelmed by the planning process.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy!