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Engagement Hashtags: Ideas for Newly Engaged Couples

April 28, 2021 (0) Comments

Engagement Hashtags: Ideas for Newly Engaged Couples

So, your partner has finally got down on one knee and asked you to marry them. How exciting is that? You have probably dreamt of this day and it’s time for you to share it with the world. You could just shout it from the rooftops but an even better way to let people know that you’re engaged is to use an engagement hashtag to your social media posts. Using an engagement hashtag will help your post be seen by more people. As well as that, using an engagement hashtag can keep all of your engagement and wedding posts in one place. They kind of act as a virtual scrapbook for your memories to be stored forever. There are many different hashtags to use that will help your post get an increased reach. You may want to use these if you have had some cute and candid snaps taken that are too good to be kept to yourself. If you have had professional photos taken since your engagement, this may also be a great time to use some popular engagement hashtags on your posts. Social media can be a supportive place once you find others who are interested in the same topics as you. Engagement hashtags are fantastic to use if you are searching for inspiration for your engagement or wedding. Brides can simply click on a popular hashtag and find tons of inspiration on wedding dresses and other engagement photoshoots. These engagement hashtags aren’t just useful for brides-to-be though! Grooms-to-be can use the hashtags to find unique and romantic ways to propose.

It is a good idea to follow the hashtag you are interested in to keep your feed full of engagement inspiration pictures whilst you start planning your wedding!

Popular Engagement Hashtags

On Instagram, you can add up to 30 hashtags on one post. If you are looking to reach a wide audience, you will want to use a mixture of popular and unique hashtags.

The wedding community online is highly saturated. This is great as you can find so many different ideas for your engagement and wedding. The top engagement hashtags to use on social media include:

  • #Engaged
  • #BrideToBe
  • #Engagement
  • #WeddingPlanning
  • #SheSaidYes
  • #GettingMarried
  • #ISaidYes
  • #EngagementRing
  • #TheKnot
  • #EngagementPhotos
  • #IDo
  • #Proposal
  • #HowHeAsked
  • #ProposalIdeas
  • #WillYouMarryMe
  • #EngagedLife

Quirky Engagement Hashtags

As well as using classic engagement hashtags, you could spice it up a little and add some quirkier hashtags to your posts.

These will help your post stand out from the crowd and inserts your personality into your post. If you were to use quirky engagement hashtags to your social media posts, you may want to relate them to pop culture references that you are interested in. Here are some of the top quirky and fun engagement hashtags:

  • #PutARingOnIt
  • #WifedUp
  • #AboutTime
  • #Feyonce
  • #DiamondsAreAGirlsBestfriend
  • #WedLongAndProsper
  • #PromDate2LifeMate
  • #EatDrinkBeMarried
  • #DonutLetMeGo
  • #MarriageHasANiceRingToIt
  • #ANicePear
  • #WeddingsReallyTakeTheCake

Creating a Personalized Engagement Hashtag

Another great way to add engagement hashtags is to create a personalized hashtag for your post. This is one of the most popular things that couples are doing these days. Having a personalized engagement hashtag allows you to store all of your wedding and engagement in one place. You kind of have your own corner of the internet where all of your posts and your wedding guests’ posts from your wedding, are all kept. You can easily search the hashtag whenever you feel like looking back at memories and in an instant be flooded with feel-good posts. Many couples will add alliteration to their engagement hashtags to make the hashtags stand out and sound catchy. For example, a bride could use #SoonToBeSmith if she is going to get married to someone with the last name Smith. Personalized engagement hashtags are a great way to get creative. Play on some rhyming phrases and use your names to get something unique. Here are some great personalized engagement hashtags to use for your social media posts:

  • #SoonToBe[Married Name]
  • #Finally[Married Name]
  • #MrAndMrs[Married Name]
  • #Goodbye[Maiden Name]Hello[Married Name]
  • #[Married Name]HasANiceRingToIt
  • #[Maiden Name]To[Married Name]
  • #FutureMrs[Married Name]
  • #HappilyEver[Married Name]
  • #The[Married Name]’s
  • #The[Married Name]’sSayIDo
  • #MeetThe[Married Name]’s
  • #[Married Name]NewlyWeds

Why Add Engagement Hashtags to Your Posts?

You may still be questioning why you should add engagement hashtags to your social media posts.

If you are not familiar with using hashtags on your posts then you may still feel like you are struggling to find the point of adding them to your posts. However, even if you are not trying to be the next big influencer on Instagram, using engagement hashtags can help to keep all your posts together. Whatever your aim is on social media, engagement hashtags are a great thing to use. So, why should you use engagement hashtags? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should immediately add them to your posts.

Keep Photos Together in One Place

The most popular reason why people use engagement hashtags is to keep all their photos in one place. This is especially true if you have created a personalized hashtag that is unique to your engagement. You can use the hashtag yourself or let your friends and family know it so they can use it too. It can be used throughout your wedding planning as well as on your wedding day. Follow the hashtag on your social media to see all your hashtag updates on your feed.

Search for Inspiration

Another reason why you should use engagement hashtags is to find and share inspiration.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You need it to be the best day for you and your spouse-to-be. You can find inspiration for DIY invitations, wedding locations, proposal ideas and so much more!

Increase Your Posts’ Reach on Social Media

Lastly, you can use engagement hashtags to increase your reach on social media. This is useful if you are an upcoming influencer or have recently started microblogging on Instagram.

A larger reach allows more people to see your content and engage.