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Best Wedding Hashtag Generators to Create a Unique Wedding Hashtag

April 27, 2021 (0) Comments

Best Wedding Hashtag Generators to Create a Unique Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags might not be on the top of your to-do list in the run up to your wedding, but we recommend you take the time to find one!

What’s great about wedding hashtags is the fact that they draw together photos, greetings, and well wishes that are posted across all social media channels.

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The morning after your wedding, you won’t have to search through all your guests’ pages for the photos they took. You can search the hashtag and see everything posted under the hashtag.

For this to work, you need a unique hashtag, or you’ll end up seeing photos of somebody’s work party rather than your wedding!

There are lots of wedding hashtag generators out there that can help you create a unique wedding hashtag. However, we’re willing to bet that you haven’t got the time to try them all out. That’s why we’ve done it for you!

Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is more than just a hashtag generator. It is a great wedding planning website that helps you stay organized and find vendors, planners, and inspiration.

Honestly, if you haven’t already checked it out already you should! There are so many awesome tools available to you on that website besides the hashtag generator. They have a color scheme generator, a seating plan manager, and a website builder.

In terms of the hashtag generator, this is one of the most intuitive generators we’ve seen. You still get some odd, robotic sounding hashtags but the majority are natural. It even makes some fairly good puns!

One issue you might have with this generator is that you need to put your email in to receive the full list of generated hashtags. If you hate being on mailing lists, then this might not be for you. However, Wedding Wire put out such great content, we’d honestly recommend being on their mailing list.


This is another wedding planner website. It has a wide range of tools and information available to you including a wedding website maker, RSVP management, gift registry, and the hashtag generator.

You need to sign up for an account to use most of their tools and some are locked behind paid accounts. The free account has basic functionality but there are number limits placed on some tools, and others just aren’t available.

The hashtag generator is free to use and doesn’t require an email address to access. This is great for people who don’t want email spam.

This generator creates one of the biggest lists of wedding hashtags of the generators we tried. Just by inputting your names you get about a hundred different hashtags. If you put more information in like your nicknames, date, your location, and your venue, you can get closer to 130 hashtags.

Unfortunately, quantity doesn’t really equate to quality. Most of the hashtags are variations on standard formats like [Name]and[name]wedding2022. There isn’t a lot of intuition and some just feel straight up clunky.

That being said, if you want a basic hashtag that does what it says on the tin, then this is a decent tool. You do need to check on social media whether the hashtag has been used to confirm that it is unique.


Is a photo gift company. They’re one of these companies that can put your picture on a mug or a canvas. You know the ones.

Their wedding hashtag generator feels slightly out of place but it’s a decent tool. I suppose they were trying to cash in on the photos that will be curated by that hashtag.

The tool is free to use and doesn’t require an email address to see your results. We love not having to put our email in or sign up for anything to see the results so that’s a big plus for Shutterfly.

Like the other generators, you’re asked to input your names, and wedding information. There’s no option for putting in your location so the hashtags are built around your names.

One of the best things about this tool is that they present your hashtags as a list separated by headings. The other generators only show you one or two hashtags at a time. You have to click next to see the rest. With Shutterfly, you can just scroll down the page.

You get a fairly long list of hashtags with Shutterfly, but they are mostly formulaic. There are a few that are quite playful and informal like #TheMorrisesFTW but it’s mostly basic formulas.

Shutterfly does allow you to check your own hashtag idea which is really cool. You enter your idea in the box and then it will try to find links on social media with that hashtag. They do this for their curated list too so you can make sure the hashtag is free.

Past Book

This is another photo gift company that has created their own wedding hashtag generator. Just like Shutterfly, you fill in your info with your names and wedding dates. It does allow you to add your location too for extra personalization.

The generated hashtags are fun and somewhat quirky. They feel more like a person created them rather than an algorithm. There are some formulaic ones in there, but they are dispersed with more natural hashtags.

The website allows you to see one hashtag at a time which is mildly infuriating. We’re not sure what the deal is with withholding the hashtag list!

To make up for the hashtag presentation, you can add hashtags you like to a list with the click of a button. When you ‘like’ a hashtag is pops it just underneath so you can see your liked list as you click through all the options.

The like feature is handy but not as useful as the wedding book feature. After your wedding you can pop your hashtag into the box and the website will generate a photo book with images drawn from Instagram.

In essence, the sight pulls photos tagged with the hashtag from Instagram. It saves you a lot of time and, at the moment, they are offering a discount on these books.

Wedding Hashtag Wall

Wedding Hashtag Wall’s service is designed to help you ‘Instagram’ your wedding. They focus on getting your social media game on point ready for your big day.

As well as the hashtag generator, you can create a social media sign for your wedding and get tips and advice for making the most out of your social media during your wedding.

The hashtag generator is free to use, and it provides a few different lists. You get a list of simple hashtags which are the formulaic, bog standard ones.

Then you have more advanced hashtags which are honestly not that different to the hashtags generated by the other generators. Quite a few of the hashtags use the date of your wedding which makes it feel a bit like a password with all those numbers!

The main feature of Wedding Hashtag Wall’s hashtag generator is the pro hashtag creation. For a fee, you can have a hashtag created by writers not a machine.

This is a great service, and the examples show real talent, but it is not a service managed by Wedding Hashtag Wall. It is provided by The Wedding Hashers.

Final Thoughts

We’ve presented you with the free wedding hashtag generators. They are fairly good and can create some fun, natural sounding hashtags.

If you want to go further, there are plenty of paid services like The Wedding Hashers that use writers to create wedding hashtags for your big day.