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8 Gorgeous Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

April 28, 2021 (0) Comments

8 Gorgeous Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

When it comes to picking a color scheme for your big day, it’s best to stick to the classics. Navy blue is a staple wedding color and is as popular as ever.

Dress it up or dress it down with brights or neutrals or add a bit of sparkle with some golds or silvers.

It goes with every possible color combination and will look elegant and classy all year round!

Navy Blue & Gold

Gold compliments navy blue beautifully and can add that extra bit of sparkle to your special day. You can be as subtle or extra with how you use gold, it’s super versatile! Maybe stick to gold jewelry and one or two deep yellow flowers in the bouquets or add in some gold makeup, table decorations and even a gold cake!

Navy Blue & Burgundy

The deep jewel tones just ooze sophistication and class. This combination works during any season, but particularly during winter and fall months.

Going for navy suits and bridesmaid dresses with burgundy accents is a subtle but effective way to pair them.

Navy Blue & Blush Pink

This color combo is super popular and is the perfect spring combination! They’re opposite each other on the color wheel, so they complement each other beautifully.

Plus, they bring out the masculine and feminine elements.

Navy Blue & Orange

Perhaps an unconventional pairing but orange and navy actually look gorgeous together, especially in a bouquet!

The perfect pairing for a fall wedding but will look great whatever the weather. Don’t let the orange overpower the navy, use it sparingly to add a pop of color.

Navy Blue & Sage Green

A beautiful combination for a more neutral and rustic vibe.

Stick to navy suits and bridesmaid dresses and use green in the flowers with some crisp whites to create a super elegant ceremony.

Navy Blue & Silver

This is a very versatile combination. You can add extra pops of color if you want a bolder look.

On its own, this combination is nautical and elegant, and will work all year round.

Navy Blue & Pale Yellow

Ideal for a light, airy summer wedding, navy blue and pale yellow will add brightness and space to any venue.

Think Beauty and the Beast!

Navy Blue and Lilac

It’s elegant, it’s regal, it’s gorgeous! Navy blue and purples complement each other beautifully and will add a lovely warmth to any room.