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35 Green, Black, and White Wedding Ideas for Fall

April 27, 2021 (0) Comments

35 Green, Black, and White Wedding Ideas for Fall

Green, black, and white is an elegant and simple color combination. This will add a natural, rustic, yet sophisticated air to your wedding.

The colors work beautifully together and the contrast between the shades cannot be topped.

The colors work beautifully together, and the shades’ contrast cannot be topped. These colors make a striking expression that will be a showstopper for your guests. Vibrant greens juxtaposed with stark black and white also display well in wedding photos you’ll want to upload when you make a wedding website to memorialize your nuptials. 

Below are 35 of the best wedding ideas following this color scheme.

Black, White, And Green Wedding Ideas:


Set a striking scene with a palette of black, white, and green wedding floral arrangements. Elegant and striking, these colors can create a dramatic contrast against the backdrop of the fall season. From bouquets to boutonnieres, the natural vibrancy of green paired with the sophistication of black and white offers a timeless aesthetic. Here are some floral ideas that embody this chic color scheme.

Green, Black, and White Wedding Flowers 1

Image from: 36 Simple, Beautiful Black-and-White Wedding Ideas | Martha Stewart

Green, Black, and White Wedding Flowers 2

Image from:

This unique bouquet will turn heads at your wedding for all of the right reasons. Bold and attention-grabbing, it’s a new twist.  

Green, Black, and White Wedding Flowers 3

Image from: tufts of moss | Green wedding flowers, White wedding bouquets, Wedding bouquets (

Green, Black, and White Wedding Flowers 4

Image from: 22 Lily Bouquets Perfect for a Spring Wedding | Winter wedding flowers, Black wedding themes, Anemone bouquet wedding (

This bouquet draws upon the black color scheme without becoming overpowering. The balance of colors is elegant and refined.

Green, Black, and White Wedding Flowers 5

Image from: All That Glitters Winter Black, Gold, and Green Glam Ski Slope Wedding Shoot Bridal Detail Wedding Photo… | Green gold weddings, White winter wedding, Black bouquet (

This bouquet gives off rustic country vibes and would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. The leafy sprigs give it a sense of delicacy.


Let your invitations set a distinguished tone with an artful black, white, and green wedding motif. The first impression of your wedding theme comes to life with these carefully selected colors, promising a day of elegance and charm. Whether you opt for a modern design or something with a touch of vintage flair, these invitation ideas will allure your guests with a hint of the celebration to come.

invitation 1

Image from:

This set of luxury invite designs gives you several options within the color scheme.

Invitation 2

Image from: green and white wedding invitations with black envelopes – EmmaLovesWeddings

invitation 3

Image from: BANKSIA/Wedding Invites/GREEN or BLACK & WHITE – Paper and Style Co.

This floral-inspired invitation set is beautiful, elegant, and easy to read. This is the perfect style of invitation for any wedding.

invitation 4

Image from: How Much Time Should You Give Wedding Guests to RSVP? | Martha Stewart

This set of extravagant invitations is perfect for those wishing to add a touch of class to the save the dates. They give off an antique and magical sense.

invitation 5

Image from: Black Green Wedding Invitations / Black Invitations / Pocket Fold Invites / Spring Invi… | Wedding invitations, Green wedding invitations, Black wedding invitations (


Centerpieces are the crowning jewels of any wedding table, and choosing a black, white, and green wedding theme can make a bold and elegant statement. These centerpieces are designed to captivate and charm, creating a stunning visual focal point for your guests while they dine. Discover how to showcase these colors in the heart of your table settings, from minimalist designs to lavish arrangements.

centerpiece 1

Image from:

Inspired by mint humbugs, this arrangement incorporates all of the wedding colors in a unique and refreshing manner.

centerpiece 2

Image from: Black White and Gold Tablescape with Orchid Centerpieces | Wedding Inspiration Board | Junebug Weddings

This stripped-back centerpiece has moth orchids drawing the focus. This is complemented by simple crockery and a black tablecloth for contrast. 

centerpiece 3

Image from: 46 Cool Black And White Wedding Centerpieces |

All you need for this centerpiece is a long line of white roses offset with black candle holders.

centerpiece 4

Image from: Joy’s blog: Black And White Wedding Reception Centerpieces Black Blue White Centerpiece (

This modern design of the centerpiece will give all of your guests something to talk about.

centerpiece 5

Image from: 30 Sage Green Wedding Ideas | Wedding Forward

This nature-inspired centerpiece adds tranquility and elegance to any table setting, retaining a rustic style.

Table Settings

The table setting at your wedding is where your theme’s magic comes alive for your guests. Green, white, and black wedding table settings can convey a range of styles, from rustic elegance to modern chic. Each table becomes a canvas for your color story, blending the natural beauty of green with the crisp contrast of black and white. Explore these table-setting ideas that elevate your wedding dining experience.

table setting 1

Image from: Top 20 Tablescape Ideas For Winter Wedding – Blog

This table centerpiece is busy but gives a magical woodland feel to your wedding.

table setting 2

Image from:

This is very green-heavy, but the apples work perfectly to align with the fall theme.

table setting 3

Image from: Our 2009 Wedding Day Stories (

This is elegant and classy and should not take too much effort to set up. The glass crockery adds to the overall design.

table setting 4

Image from: Modern Chic Black White Green Inspiration Vancouver – The Perfect 3 – WO (

The raised bouquet is the focal point of this stunning table setting, complemented by beautiful natural light.

table setting 5

Image from: Green Black and White Table Setting (Page 1) –

This table setting is incredibly simple and effective.


Wedding signs guide your guests through the venue and serve as a perfect opportunity to extend your color theme. With a green, black, and white color scheme, signs can be both functional and decorative, adding an element of design continuity throughout your wedding space. Let these sign ideas inspire you to create informative pieces that are harmonious with your wedding aesthetic.

table setting 6

Image from: 36 Black, Green and White Wedding Color Ideas for Spring | Deer Pearl Flowers

table setting 7

Image from: 36 Black, Green and White Wedding Color Ideas for Spring | Deer Pearl Flowers

sign 3

Image From: 25 Awesome Wedding Welcome Signs to Rock! – WeddingInclude

sign 4

Image from: 36 Black, Green and White Wedding Color Ideas for Spring | Deer Pearl Flowers

sign 5

Image from: 36 Black, Green and White Wedding Color Ideas for Spring | Deer Pearl Flowers

If you have a love for plants and want to incorporate nature into your day, this foliage sign is a unique and aesthetic way to do so.


More than just a yummy treat – your wedding cake is a statement – a  centerpiece that reflects the wedding’s theme and the couple’s taste. With a green, black, and white wedding color palette, your cake can become a work of art that captivates the eyes and tantalizes the taste buds. These cake ideas show how to incorporate the color scheme into an edible form, promising to make a statement that guests will remember.

cake 1

Image from:

This highly decorated cake will be the talk of the wedding, and it looks delicious as well!

cake 2

Image from: Three-Tier Black, White and Lime Green Cake (

cake 3

Image from: black and white buttercream wedding cake | Deer Pearl Flowers

cake 4

Image from: Special Black and White and Green Wedding Cakes (

If you and your partner are city dwellers who love the skyline, this creative take on a cake is perfect for your big day.

cake 5

Image from:


The bridal party’s attire is a beautiful reflection of the wedding’s color scheme and style. Dresses in green, black, and white can range from bold and modern to subtle and romantic. Here are some dress ideas that integrate the chosen colors in various ways, ensuring that the wedding party looks harmonious and stylish on the big day.

dress 1

Image from: Green Wedding Shoes | Jen on Instagram: “Want to get super outside-the-box for your wedding? It’s simple: take a nontraditional item + create an unexpectedly beautiful atmosphere…”

This elegant black and white wedding dress will turn heads for all the right reasons.

dress 2

Image from:

dress 3

Image from: | Green wedding dresses, Gothic wedding dress, Colored wedding dresses (

dress 4

Image from: Vintage Emerald Green Muslim Wedding Dresses 3D Floral Lace Ball Gowns – Viniodress (

This green wedding dress allows you to be covered yet still gorgeous. Perfect for those who prefer modesty, or if you are having a winter wedding!

dress 5

Image from: 29 Flattering Bridesmaid Dress Colors & Combinations – WeddingWire

In the tapestry of wedding planning, the colors we choose set the stage for the ambiance and mood of the celebration. A black, white, green wedding intertwines the sophistication of monochrome tones with the freshness of green, offering a modern yet timeless elegance. From the soft rustle of sage green leaves in your bouquet to the dramatic contrast of black and white table settings, each element comes together to create a harmonious and stunning aesthetic. As you ponder these 35 ideas, let them spark your imagination and guide you toward crafting a wedding day that is as unique and beautiful as your own love story. Remember, the magic lies in the details, and your personal touch will turn these ideas into memorable moments that resonate with your personality and vision for the perfect fall wedding.