35 Green, Black, and White Wedding Ideas for Fall

35 Green, Black, and White Wedding Ideas for Fall

Green, black, and white is an elegant and simple color combination. This will add a natural, rustic, yet sophisticated air to your wedding.

The colors work beautifully together and the contrast between the shades cannot be topped. 

Below are 35 of the best wedding ideas following this color scheme.


This unique bouquet will turn heads at your wedding for all of the right reasons. Bold and attention-grabbing, it’s a new twist.  

This bouquet draws upon the black color scheme without becoming overpowering. The balance of colors is elegant and refined.

This bouquet gives off rustic country vibes and would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. The leafy sprigs give it a sense of delicacy.


This set of luxury invite designs gives you several options within the color scheme.

This floral-inspired invitation set is beautiful, elegant, and easy to read. This is the perfect style of invitation for any wedding.

This set of extravagant invitations is perfect for those wishing to add a touch of class to the save the dates. They give off an antique and magical sense.


Inspired by mint humbugs, this arrangement incorporates all of the wedding colors in a unique and refreshing manner.

This stripped-back centerpiece has moth orchids drawing the focus. This is complemented by simple crockery and a black tablecloth for contrast. 

All you need for this centerpiece is a long line of white roses offset with black candle holders.

This modern design of the centerpiece will give all of your guests something to talk about.

This nature-inspired centerpiece adds tranquility and elegance to any table setting, retaining a rustic style.

Table settings 

This table centerpiece is busy but gives a magical woodland feel to your wedding.

This is very green-heavy, but the apples work perfectly to align with the fall theme.

This is elegant and classy and should not take too much effort to set up. The glass crockery adds to the overall design.

The raised bouquet is the focal point of this stunning table setting, complemented by beautiful natural light.

This table setting is incredibly simple and effective.


If you have a love for plants and want to incorporate nature into your day, this foliage sign is a unique and aesthetic way to do so.


This highly decorated cake will be the talk of the wedding, and it looks delicious as well!

If you and your partner are city dwellers who love the skyline, this creative take on a cake is perfect for your big day.


This elegant black and white wedding dress will turn heads for all the right reasons.

This green wedding dress allows you to be covered yet still gorgeous. Perfect for those who prefer modesty, or if you are having a winter wedding!