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30 Navy Blue and Greenery Wedding Ideas

April 28, 2021 (0) Comments

30 Navy Blue and Greenery Wedding Ideas

Navy blue is an absolutely gorgeous base for a wedding color palette. It’s classic, yet modern and works well all year round.It goes great with pink, yellow, burgundy, orange and more. (get xanax telemedicine) You can pair it with literally anything, but it goes particularly well with greenery. Modern weddings often make use of lots of fresh greens in the decor because it’s a very refreshing and relaxed color that can add a spot of light to combat popular darker colors like navy.Plus, it’s a super easy color to introduce naturally. Simple greens in the flowers and plants dotted around the decorations are a great way to subtly add some greenery to break up the bolder colors.Check out our 30 gorgeous navy blue and greenery wedding ideas to get you feeling inspired and excited for your big day.

Navy Blue & Green Bouquets

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Arguably one of the most important choices to be made is the flower arrangements. They’re often the focal point of wedding photos, so, it’s important you’re completely, 100% in love with yours and your bridesmaids bouquets.

Choosing a soft color palette like navy blue with bits of green and lots of whites for the flowers is a great idea because they won’t distract too much attention away from the blushing bride, and they will look great paired with pretty much any dress.

Navy Blue & Green Bridesmaid Dresses

A classic choice is the navy blue bridesmaid dress because it suits all skin tones and compliments all figures!

You can’t go wrong with a beautiful deep blue dress matched with the green in the flowers. A very subtle but killer combo!

Navy Blue & Green Groom & Groomsmen’s Suits

Navy blue makes for the perfect groomsmen’s suit. It looks great on everyone and can be paired with any color, especially green.

Add a little flower in the pocket square to make the navy blue really pop under the green.

Navy Blue & Green Table Settings

You will find some form of greenery on the table setting at every wedding because it adds a beautiful freshness to the space.

Navy table settings are a popular choice because darker table cloths hide any spills very well, and it looks super elegant under white tableware.

Adding a few plants or flowers with greenery to each table will look modern and bright.

Navy Blue & Green Decorations

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Similarly to the table settings, wedding decorations look amazing with pops of green from flowers and plants like Ivy.

You can use them to line the aisles of the ceremony or as part of flower backdrops for guests to take photos.

Using plants as decorations adds a lovely rustic feel and can save you money – win-win!

Navy Blue & Green Cake

Not a very common choice for the wedding cake color palette but done well, a navy blue and green cake can be super rustic but chic!

Using fruits like blueberries and figs for the darker navy color and leaves and flowers for the green is a lovely way to achieve this color palette naturally.

Navy Blue & Green Invitations

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A very mature and sophisticated way to announce your exciting news. Green and navy blue invitations are super chic and just the right amount of serious to declare your love to the world.Stick to a crisp white background and use navy blue for the text and any flowers. Use some leafy illustrations for a pop of greenery.Plus, add in a few pops of pink for a more feminine look or any other colors you like, you could pair literally any color to this palette.