28 Tropical Themed Wedding Ideas

28 Tropical Themed Wedding Ideas

Who doesn’t love an island breeze, with pina coladas in abundance, palm trees swaying and sandy toes?

We would personally love to feel like we are on vacation 24/7, so why not have a tropical, island themed wedding, too? 

With a tropical themed wedding, you can have lush green and leafy decorations, or bold, aztec style prints, with pineapple features and beachy decor. What’s not to love?

A tropical themed wedding is an even better idea if you are getting married on location, at the beach, or during the summer months.

You can incorporate bright colors, striking leafy plants, coconuts and any island styled ideas that you like. 

If you are looking for some tropical wedding inspiration, then you are in the right place! We have 28 Tropical Themed Wedding Ideas just perfect for you!

We love the idea of a tropical themed wedding, as you can have beautiful and exotic greenery all around you. This makes for a stunning contrast between a white gown or suit, and you can add a splash of color with some pink lilies, or hibiscus flowers!

In addition, you may want to create a tropical themed decor for your wedding reception, with monstera plant centerpieces, hanging leaf decorations, and rustic, wooden vibes for a natural, homey and calming atmosphere after the wedding.

A tropical theme looks great for on location wedding photographs, as you get the glorious sunshine to go with it.

Why not take some photos in your wedding attire surrounded by blooming florals, palm trees and luscious nature?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the Monstera leaf trend is not going anywhere, so why not hop on board?

You can have stunning table decor and centerpieces in the shape of our favorite plant. Pair those with some gold details for a perfect combination of naturel, and elegance!

We love the idea of a table runner that matches the theme. If you are going for a tropical island oasis look, then this idea is perfect for you.

You can whisk away your guests to the tropics with just a few perfectly placed decorations!

With a tropical theme, you are not limited when it comes to flowers.

Your bouquet can even benefit from a few exotic plants, filled with hues of emerald, greens, along with a pop of color to match the bridesmaids!

For your island or tropical themed wedding, you are going to want the centerpieces to match the theme precisely.

Why not pair some tropical greenery with cute lanterns, fairy lights, candles and tea lights for a really zen feel!

Make sure your cutlery gives a bright pop amongst the room for a truly chic, and unforgettable look!

Tropical does not always have to be bright, bold and colorful. You can have a classic, traditional wedding cake, with just a small detailing of coconut on the side to fit your theme. We absolutely love this look.

Why not pick your favorite flowers to garnish your wedding cake, and give it a Hawaiian or island kind of touch?

One of the most beautiful parts of a tropical themed wedding is the arch. You can decorate these as you wish with huge leaves, palms, branches, and exotic flowers, which makes for stunning photographs with your loved ones.