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23 Backyard Wedding Ideas: How To Plan an Awesome Backyard Wedding

April 28, 2021 (0) Comments

23 Backyard Wedding Ideas: How To Plan an Awesome Backyard Wedding

Big extravagant venues, hundreds of guests, glamorous settings, it’s not for everyone.

Some people would prefer a sweet, romantic, backyard wedding, and these types of wedding can be just as memorable and romantic. 

There are plenty of ways in which you can make your standard backyard wedding into something magical, while saving money. 

In recent times, more people have sought to change their wedding plans, and opted for more quaint, small weddings.

Backyard weddings are a great way to go with this. It ensures everything can be done simply, there are fewer concerns, and it is much more of an intimate affair. We have here, 23 ways you can spruce up your backyard wedding, and then we also have all the information you will need to plan your backyard wedding in no time at all.

The 23 Backyard Wedding Ideas

Enjoy our fantastic 23 ways to spruce up your backyard wedding right here. 

1. Add Fire Pits

Once the sun sets and dusk sets in, it is time to light up some bonfires. Guests can gather around them in small groups.

Giving the end of your wedding an intimate and cozy feeling. This will also keep all your guests feeling warm and toasty when the temperatures start to drop. You could even set up s’mores stations with them for a tasty evening snack. Adding in the s’mores means you can set up the perfect snack station and stay warm at the same time. We think this is even better than having a traditional wedding. Don’t get s’mores over a fire at a traditional wedding. This is a win. 

2. Add Outdoor Drink Stations

One of our number one outdoor wedding ideas is to use creative outdoor drink stations.

There will be a whole variety of drink receptacles that will fit your theme, take your pick. You can use wheelbarrows, crates, whiskey barrels, flasks, anything! You can use rustic bar carts too, those will fit in fantastically! Fill everything up with ice and bottled beverages. You can set up stations with a hired bartender. Or if you do not want to hire a bartender, you can premix cocktails in large drink dispensers. 

3. Add String Lights

Quaint and cute, nothing quite sings the song of a backyard wedding like string lights.

String lights can add in a romantic glow to the night, while also keeping the area beautifully lit after the sun has gone down.

You can string the lights around your tent, around trees or between them. You could have them in rows across your backyard in order to light up the whole event. Not only that, but you can have any size lights, you could have large Edison bulbs, or delicate fairy lights that will add that magical aura to your day. 

4. Backyard Tent Wedding

One of the biggest concerns for everyone who plans an outdoor wedding is, ‘what if it rains?’

Well, if rain is a concern for you, why not invest in a tent for your big day? Even on a hot summer day, tents can be useful for providing much needed shade, and a place to cool down out of the hot sun. While having a tent at your wedding may not sound as elegant and glamorous as you may like, there are plenty of luxury tents that will look beautiful and will add to your amazing backyard door. You could even get an opaque tent, clear, so that you can see the sky above and watch the stars in the evening. 

5. Break Out the Picnic Tables

Some people want a vastly formal wedding, whereas others will want things to be a bit more casual.

At an at-home wedding, you can keep it as casual as you desire, even breaking out the picnic tables for seating. Picnic tables are cheap and easy to set up, they also add to the rustic environment too. If you do this, remember to provide seat cushions or line the seats and benches with blankets so that your guests are comfortable. 

6. Bring Furniture Outside

In order to add your own aesthetic to your wedding, as well as some comfort, bring some of your furniture outside.

As long as your furniture is dry, there is no harm in bringing out a comfy couch, or some cozy chairs to create a perfect lounge area. Consider velvet couches that match your colors, never sway the importance of a good color scheme.

Get that added pop of color and comfort, add in some throw pillows, and anything else that you can get your hands on. Create your perfect cozy space outside. 

7. Bring in a Food Truck

Feeling adventurous?If you have a big enough backyard, why not bring in a food truck. Food truck weddings are actually becoming a popular trend as a food service.

You can bring in one, or several, letting your guests try a variety of foods. The food truck meal could serve as an extra snack, or even your main meal. Its something unique, something different that will add to the memorability of your special day. 

8. Create a Dance Floor

Just because you are having your wedding in your backyard, does not mean that you have to say goodbye to having a dance floor.

You can look up other outdoor weddings and find heaps of inspirational material for making a makeshift dance floor out on the grass.

You could use wooden palettes to create a base, or you could seek out any other flat surface to dance on. Get innovative! 

9. Create a Grand Entrance

In a traditional wedding, the bride will make a grand entrance before she comes down the aisle.

Who’s to say you cannot do that in your backyard too? Especially if you are creative. If you do not have an entrance planned then you can create a grand entrance with various techniques. You can craft doors for the bride to enter though, using strings of flowers, cloth or even actual doors. Grab some old doors at a salvage yard, or even a thrift shop.

You can set them up in your backyard, making for a great backdrop for photos as well as a grand entrance for the bride too. 

10. Create Wedding Arch

For a backyard wedding ceremony, why not create your own wedding arch to get married under?

An arch will make for a beautiful ceremony, and it will also craft beautiful pictures that will frame your nuptials. For an outdoor wedding, consider having an arch make out of wood, branches, cloth, flowers, or whatever else you can think of. If you don’t fancy crafting it yourself, why not buy one ready-made that fits your style? 

11. Decorate with Dried Florals

Having an outdoor wedding means that you will be immersed in nature.

Lean into this natural setting and decorate the area with some dried florals. There are whole ranges to choose from, affordable and rustic blooms that will make for fantastic decorations. They are beautiful, and what’s better is that they last long as well, so you can always send them home as party favors for guests, or even use them to decorate your home as newlyweds too. Some favored choices are pampas grass, lavender, heathers, or ammobium. You can add these to your aisle, or to tables. 

12. Get innovative with Mason Jars

For the more outdoor rustic backyard wedding, mason jars can be a perfect addition, with various uses.

They can make cute cocktail glasses for any kind of drink, as well as making adorable vases, or as tealight holders for extra safety, or even fill them up with tasty treat.

Mason jars are much more than just jars. 

13. Hang Decor from Trees

You can hang up many things from trees, you could hang jars with candles, lights, or create a display of empty win bottles, banners, tapestries, lanterns, or any other rustic decoration that will give your backyard wedding the aesthetic that you desire.

14. Highlight Wooden Accents

Wooden accents make for a wonderful natural decor. If wood fits in with your theme and color scheme, consider adding plenty of natural wood accents.

Use wooden cake stands, wooden displays, why not have wooden table mats or coasters, what about wooden centerpieces. Go wild with it, there are so many options, and it will give your outdoor wedding a truly rustic feeling that people will be talking about for ages after. If you are looking for unique products, we definitely recommend looking on Etsy, not only can you find amazing wooden decor products on these sites, but you can also get personalized wooden decor too. 

15. Host a Barbecue

Nothing quite beats a barbecue, we can all agree on that, so why not serve up some delicious grilled classics at your wedding on your barbecue; steaks, ribs, corn, burgers, and why not add in some hot dogs to that list.

Barbecues are a crowd favorite, whether you are a meat eater, vegetarian, or vegan, you can always barbecue your wedding day away, and there will be something for everyone.

Get Dad to fire up the grill and do what dads do best, or you can always find a caterer about a BBQ menu. 

16. Make Up Some Photo Displays

Who doesn’t like reminiscing over old photographs, and what better time to display those old favorites than at your wedding? Display photos from your relationship, or your favorite family photos all around the venue.

Set up tables with picture frames, or get more creative with your outdoor setting. You could hang frames from trees, or hand Polaroids in the trees with strings of light. You could use framed wire grid to hang photos or even use old window panels. Let your mind loose with all the amazing ideas and things you could do with some of these old fantastic photos. 

17. Party By the Pool

If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, you already have several options that you can work with.

You can turn your wedding into be the best pool party ever, with swimsuits optional. If you do not want your guests and your pool to mix, it can still make for a wonderful addition to the setting. You could build bridge or partial covers across the pool for an outstanding photo op. You could fill the pool with flower petals, or other elegant and romantic floating displays.

Not only that, but you can get dried petal pouches which can be a really inexpensive way to decorate your pool. 

18. Play Yard Games

Is it really a backyard wedding if it is not complete without some yard games.

Games such as corn hole, outdoor jenga, or ladder golf, these can give your guests some fantastic entertainment during the reception and can make for a whole load of hilarious, fun memories. 

Lawn games will always fit perfectly with a backyard wedding, it is a cheap and easy way to keep the youngsters busy too if you have a wedding in which kids are invited. You can also get some of these games custom-made, such as custom wedding corn hole hoards.

19. Pop Confetti

Confetti can be a bit of a nuisance to clean up, but if you are outside it is not so much of a worry. Just make sure it is biodegradable and your worries are gone and your yard won’t duffer. Pop some confetti as the newlyweds walk down the aisle together, or maybe while someone is giving a speech! Be sure to have the wedding photographer at the ready to grab the moment when the confetti goes off.

20. Provide Blankets/ Fans

Getting married outside comes with the complication of having to be ready for any possible temperature changes. Provide resources that will keep people happy if it gets too hot or a little chilly.

If you are expecting some heated weather, provide your guests with fans or parasols to help them keep cool and shielded from the sun.

When it cools down at night, provide blankets so that people can curl up nice and cozy beneath them as the night grows colder. 

21. Send Off with Sparklers

A little treat for the end of the night. Why not end the evening with a send-off in sparkles.

Give the guests sparklers for one last super cool photo opportunity and the end of a fantastic evening. 

22. Set Up Photo Opportunities

Why not set up multiple photo stations, set up so that your whole backyard has a setting perfect to be the ultimate backdrop for photos.

Hand string lights from trees, set up photo walls with props, hang streamers, flowers, whatever takes your fancy. Your whole yard can be picture perfect. 

23. Use Dessert as Decor

Every been to an event where the dessert looked like an outstanding decor that you were nearly afraid to eat because it just looked so perfect?

Go all out, and use your dessert table as a beautiful and outstanding unique decor, that will taste great too. Have your wedding cake as a centerpiece, match your desserts with it. Show off these delicious desserts, not only will everyone be hankering for a piece, but it will look amazing too. You can get rustic cake stands and other dessert holders that will dress your dessert table like royalty.

Planning Your Backyard Wedding

Now before you get to excited, making a list of all the ideas we have given you here, and noting which ones you are going to include. It is exciting, and we are sure that you cannot wait to get planning and make it happen. But don’t forget the logistics of it all either, there are some things that you need to consider if you are planning on throwing a wedding in your backyard.

Do you need a permit?

Depending on where you live and the size of your wedding, you may have to apply for certain permits. After you reach a certain number of guests it is wise to consider that you have followed any fire code regulations, zoning issues and noise ordinances and more. Call your city clerk to learn if there are any permits that are needed for any safety procedures that need to be put into place. This will differ from city to city, state to state, and is dependent on how many guests you have.

Consider the Neighbors

If your neighbors houses are close by, it is best to inform them of the wedding. If you are fairly friendly with one another, why not invited them so that there are no complaints about noise or parking. However, if you aren’t that great with your neighbors you may not want to waste seats on them. If you are not inviting them then it is still wise to inform them of the event in advance so that they can set their expectations, or even make plans to leave the house on that day to avoid any problems.

Picking Your Date

One of the best parts of having your wedding in your own yard is that you can pick absolutely any date.

You do not need to worry about competing on a popular Saturday, or waiting for an opening at a venue. It is all up to you.

Choose whichever date you want so that you can begin to plan around the season and the weather that comes with it.

The Guest List

Plan out your guest list next, it can be difficult. The size of your backyard and the available space you have will determine how many people you can invite.

For some, a backyard wedding is a fantastic excuse to keep things small, others may find it hard to make cuts to an ideal guest list. A good idea is to measure out the available space you have and figure out how many tables will fit first so that you can make your decisions and determine the right size by the number of seats you will be able to have.

Book Vendors

Having your wedding in your own backyard you won’t need as many vendors as you would for a traditional venue.

Of course, you can always cater for your own wedding, or even do a potluck. You can also choose to supply the food and drink yourself, but if you do, make sure you have enough for everyone. Aside from caterers and bartenders, you can also have servers, even if you make the food yourself you may want servers to help to keep the food flowing and to take care of trash so that you avoid any worries about the clear up on your big say. It’s meant to be stress-free for you remember. This is also the time in which you want to spend looking at booking photographers, DJ’s or a band, a cake baker and of course flourish.

You also have the option to do all of these yourself, you can ask guests to take plenty of pictures, set up your own speaker system with music, or bake your own wedding cake and buy some flowers wholesale.

But this is one hell of a lot of work, however, so you may want to enlist help and prepare for all the tasks, It is just easier to hire professionals, unless you are on a very tight budget of course. You also need to ensure that any vendors you book understand that the wedding is taking place in your backyard as well as any other information that may influence their work.

A DJ may need a specific power source, may need information about the layout, so they can set up speakers. A caterer may need to have a better understanding of what kitchen space and equipment they have available and so on. Ensure that your vendor can accommodate the outdoor setting and space available before you book them.

Powering Everything

The chances of your house having enough electrical power to power a whole backyard of lights, speakers, food stations and whatever else you have there is slim.

You need to consider your needs and if it comes to it rent an extra generator, so you won’t cause a power outage and leave everyone sitting cradling their drinks in the dark.

Have a Bathroom Plan

If you have any more than 25 guests you will need some extra bathrooms, consider renting port-a-potties- if this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, then you can get more glamorous bathroom rentals you can get.

The important thing is that you can accommodate these people.

Don’t Forget Insurance

A majority of wedding venues have a liability insurance to protect against any accidents or injuries.

As much as you want it to be trouble free, it can happen, it is wise to get liability insurance just in case. As well as wedding insurance.

Parking Problems

It is very unlikely you have enough space for every car in your driveway, make a parking plan in advance, so that guests know where they can and cannot park.

Try to keep the parking area close and if you use a lot, make sure you have permission.

Final Considerations

Do not forget to plan ahead for rainy days, and design, cover everything you may need and your wedding is sure to be a bit, and your outdoor backyard wedding will be the talk of the town for years to come.