20+ Stunning Small Wedding Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to weddings, quantity doesn’t always equal quality. Small, intimate weddings are becoming increasingly popular. They are not only more COVID-19 safe, but they’re also easier on the wallet and simpler to plan.

Small weddings allow you to have more face time with your guests which means that you can really appreciate your friends and family. You won’t find yourself running around the room trying to speak to everyone. Instead, you can have meaningful conversations and enjoy yourself.

Small weddings don’t have to be boring or plain. There are plenty of ways to personalize and spice up your small wedding without breaking the bank. Again, it’s all about quality over quantity.

One of the great things about small weddings is that you don’t need to buy or rent massive amounts of anything. This keeps your budget low but also gives your room to customize and get more creative.

For instance, you may not have been able to afford 150 armchairs for the ceremony, but 40? That’s manageable.

We’re going to show you some awesome ways you can create a stunning small wedding on a budget.

Seating at the Ceremony

Having a small number of guests at your wedding means that you can get a bit more creative with the ceremony seating.

Instead of simply having rows of chairs which can feel a bit distanced, try a more intimate seating arraignment.

We really love the circular seating. It makes your union feel like the center of the world, as it should be on your special day! It also creates a more whimsical, magical atmosphere compared to the usual rows.

If you want to keep things traditional and have rows, that’s cool too. You could consider having rows around the altar area as well as in front.

If you want to bring a bit of quirkiness to your wedding, consider changing the seats from your bog-standard chairs to some cozy sofas! With fewer guests, you can keep your costs relatively low as you won’t need to rent as many armchairs or sofas.

Honestly, we love the comfy sofa idea. It makes the ceremony seem more relaxed and friendly. If you’re a non-traditional couple, why not consider it?

You could also choose benches, hay bales, stools, or tree stumps to spice things up! You can rent the seating to keep things on a budget.

Wedding Party Ideas

Your wedding party is made up of your nearest and dearest, whether that’s your best friends, your siblings, or other family members.

It’s easy to keep adding to your wedding party, especially if you’ve got a big family or friendship group. However, if you’re having a small wedding you can get to the point where the wedding party out numbers the guests!

Having a smaller wedding party is the best solution to this problem. Take a look at these examples for some photo inspiration. You don’t need a massive party to get some stunning images.

Wedding Reception

Your smaller guest numbers means that you can have a more intimate meal at your wedding reception. Instead of having a room filled with separate tables, you can have your guests around one large table. This allows you to actually talk to your guests and enjoy their company.

We love the one large table. It just feels so much cozier and friendly. It makes your reception less formal and rigid.

If your party is too large for one table, perhaps try choosing two long tables rather than several small tables. It helps keep the party together better. You don’t want a small group to split off into smaller groups, it will become awkward fast!

The Dance Floor

Just because you have a smaller number of guests, doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the dance floor.

They still need plenty of space to cut shapes and let loose!

Making your dance floor the center of your seating area is a great way to make the part feel integrated. It’s also a good way to encourage your guests to take to the dance floor!

We love the intimate feeling created by these dance floor layouts. We can just imagine how magical it must be to watch the couple’s first dance on these central floors.

If you want to get the atmosphere just right, consider getting dimmable string lights. You can set the mood just how you’d like it.

Wedding Décor

The devil is in the details when it comes to your wedding décor. It’s the small touches that pull everything together.

Small weddings don’t mean that you have to strip back the decorations. In fact, going big on your decorations is a great way to make your small wedding feel like a big event!

We love this globe idea. It’s perfect for small weddings because there’s just enough room for your guests to sign.

Avoid paying inflated prices by buying a standard globe and painting it yourself.