18 Delicious Wedding Cake Ideas with Doughnuts

18 Delicious Wedding Cake Ideas with Doughnuts

Haven’t you heard? Traditional wedding cakes are out and doughnut cakes are in! Rather than shoving a big piece of cake into your new spouses face, why not a deep-fried ring of deliciousness? 

Everyone loves doughnuts, and you can make your own doughnut wedding cake for considerably less than it would cost to get a wedding cake professionally made. Plus, they look cooler and there is less room for error in the design! 

A doughnut wedding cake is a laid back alternative to the traditional white wedding cake, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Below we have found 18 of the most mouthwatering wedding cake ideas with doughnuts for you to replicate and wow all of your guests with. 

Why have a doughnut wedding cake?

There are various reasons why people might opt for a doughnut cake rather than a traditional wedding cake. Perhaps your guests like doughnuts more than they like cake, or you can’t decide on whether to go for the traditional fruit cake or a salted caramel sponge. 

Doughnut cakes are very easy and simplistic because your guests can take a doughnut rather than having to wait for someone to cut up one hundred slices of cake. Doughnuts are also a better size and give your guests a more generous serving rather than a small slither of cake. 

As you can see from the doughnut cakes we have shown below, they look amazing yet can be made by almost anyone. They do not have to be complex or perfect, so you’ll be paying for less labor costs to get your cake right. You can even make it yourself - if you have the time!

You can also include lots of different flavors so that you get no complaints from guests saying that they don’t like the flavor you picked. Traditional cakes can have a limited number of flavors which might not cater to everyone’s palettes, which is not an issue when you have a heap of doughnuts. 

What doughnuts can you use?

The best thing about doughnut wedding cakes is that you can use any type of doughnut that you want.

Some prefer to opt for ring doughnuts only as they’re more simplistic and leaves your cake looking uniform. Ring doughnuts are also loved by many, so you won’t get people disliking the flavors. 

Alternatively, you can use lots of different variations of chocolate doughnuts, caramel doughnuts, or jelly-filled doughnuts. Or, maybe you can go all out and include a few doughnuts of all fillings and flavors. The possibilities are endless! 

Be cautious that some doughnuts contain nuts and therefore will contaminate all of the other doughnuts on the cake. It might be worth checking to see if any guest has a nut allergy to keep everyone safe.

If they do, you can keep some nut-free doughnuts separate from the cake so that no one misses out. 

Most Common Trends with Doughnut Wedding Cakes

From the images below, you can see that flowers dotted around the doughnuts is very common and popular, making the cake look amazing and rustic. A small cake on top of the doughnut pile is also rather popular. 

You might not be able to have the traditional bride and groom statues on the top of the doughnuts, but you can still have a wedding cake topper stuck into the top doughnut. 

Below are 18 gorgeous doughnut wedding cake ideas for you to take inspiration from.