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10 Breathtaking Outdoor Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

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10 Breathtaking Outdoor Wedding Venues in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a stunning location for outdoor weddings, offering a variety of breathtaking venues to choose from. From lush gardens to historic landmarks, each venue provides a unique and romantic backdrop for your special day. Here are 10 of the most enchanting outdoor wedding venues in Los Angeles:

Key Takeaways

  • Los Angeles offers a diverse selection of outdoor wedding venues, ranging from peaceful gardens to luxurious estates.
  • Each venue provides a unique and romantic backdrop for couples to exchange vows and celebrate their love.
  • Outdoor weddings in Los Angeles allow couples to enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather and scenery on their special day.
  • Venues like The Huntington Library and Descanso Gardens offer picturesque settings for both ceremonies and receptions.
  • Couples can choose from a range of venues, from intimate garden settings to grand estates, to suit their wedding style and guest count.

1. Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens

Nestled in the heart of Jefferson Park, the Peace Awareness Labyrinth & Gardens offers a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Imagine saying your "I dos" surrounded by the tranquil sounds of nature and the spiritual ambiance of meditation centers. Outdoor wedding aisle decorations can be simple yet breathtaking, accentuating the entrance without stealing the limelight.

This venue is not just a feast for the eyes but also a balm for the soul. With its historical significance and peaceful surroundings, it’s a place where love and mindfulness intertwine.

Important things to note:

  • Admission is free, but donations are welcome to help maintain the garden’s beauty.
  • The labyrinth and gardens provide a unique backdrop for wedding photos.
  • It’s a perfect spot for those who appreciate a mindful approach to their special day.

2. Valentine

Nestled in the heart of LA, Valentine is where vintage charm meets modern flair. Imagine saying ‘I do’ under a greenhouse roof, surrounded by decorative floor tiles and lush greenery. This venue isn’t just a pretty face; it’s got the brains too, with accessibility and versatility to boot. Hosting over 100 guests? No problem! Valentine’s spacious area has got you covered.

At Valentine, every corner whispers romance, making it the perfect backdrop for those emotional father-daughter dance songs that tug at the heartstrings.

Here’s a quick rundown of what makes Valentine a top pick:

  • Vintage charm with a modern twist
  • Stunning greenhouse roof and decorative details
  • Lush greenery creating a serene atmosphere
  • Spacious enough for a grand guest list
  • Easily accessible for all your loved ones

Whether you’re planning a grand affair or an intimate gathering, Valentine is a dream destination that symbolizes love in every brick and leaf. It’s where your wedding becomes more than just a ceremony—it’s a celebration of love, a vow of commitment, and the joining of two families in a setting that’s as unforgettable as your special day.

3. Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel

Imagine tying the knot in a place that’s the epitome of urban oasis charm, where the city’s hustle fades into the whisper of lacy elm trees. The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel offers just that, with its 7 hilltop acres providing a secluded slice of heaven in Los Angeles. Exchange vows in the intimate courtyard, a natural canopy creating the perfect backdrop for your ‘I dos’.

When it comes to celebrating, you have options:

  • Dinner and dancing under the stars
  • A chic ballroom affair with modern chandeliers

The understated elegance of the Luxe Sunset ballroom, designed with a neutral color palette, ensures that your wedding theme will shine without competition. And let’s not forget the guest capacity, which ranges from an intimate 100 to a lively 300 standing guests.

The Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel is where your dream wedding becomes a reality, amidst the glamour and tranquility of West Hollywood’s finest.

Remember, this is Los Angeles, where the extraordinary is ordinary, and your wedding venue should be nothing less.

4. Castillo Del Mar

If you’re looking for a venue that screams ‘I’m getting married in a castle without flying to Europe,’ then Castillo Del Mar is your fairy-tale spot. With its stunning architecture and ocean views, it’s like getting hitched in the set of a romantic movie—where you’re the star, of course. Just imagine the turquoise ocean as your backdrop while you say ‘I do’.

Here’s what you need to know about this majestic venue:

  • Entertainment: Allowed until the stroke of midnight (Cinderella vibes, anyone?)
  • Capacity: It’s cozy enough for your nearest and dearest, but spacious enough to avoid that awkward ‘exes bumping into each other’ scenario.

Remember, the right venue sets the stage for the entire wedding, and Castillo Del Mar is the kind of place that will have your guests talking for years to come—mostly about how they felt like they were in a movie.

And when it comes to that first dance, a collection of classic and modern love songs will make it a moment of pure magic, expressing love and passion with every step you take on the dance floor.

5. Descanso Gardens

Imagine saying ‘I do’ surrounded by the serene beauty of Descanso Gardens, where the flowers are always ready to be your plus one. With a 4.3-star hug from nearly 2,000 reviews, these botanical gardens are not just a feast for the eyes but also a haven for lovebirds looking to tie the knot in the great outdoors. It’s like Mother Nature herself RSVP’d yes to your wedding!

  • Indoor/outdoor wedding and reception options available.
  • A relaxing atmosphere that calms even the most jittery pre-wedding nerves.
  • Free to the public, making it a rare gem in So Cal.

At Descanso Gardens, your wedding photos will be so stunning, your friends will think they’re Photoshopped.

Just remember, while the gardens offer a complimentary natural backdrop, the only thing they can’t promise is to keep your Aunt Linda from catching the bouquet… again.

6. The Ebell of Los Angeles

If you’re after a venue that screams ‘I’ve got style and history,’ then The Ebell of Los Angeles is your matrimonial mecca. This 17,200-square-foot architectural gem is not just a treat for the eyes with its gothic elements, but it’s also a high-five to your love story. Imagine saying ‘I do’ under the watchful gaze of detailed archways and twinkling chandeliers, with the soft murmur of fountains adding a sprinkle of magic to your vows.

The Ebell is not just a venue; it’s a statement. A statement that says you appreciate the finer things in life, like a large fireplace to warm the hearts (and hands) of your guests, and a covered courtyard for when Mother Nature decides to be the uninvited plus-one.

Here’s a quick peek at what The Ebell offers:

  • A historic setting with a modern twist
  • Gothic elements including archways, fountains, and chandeliers
  • A variety of spaces for both intimate and grand celebrations

Remember, Italian wedding songs can bring joy and romance to your special day. These upbeat tunes will keep your guests dancing all night long, ensuring your wedding is the talk of the town!

7. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking to tie the knot surrounded by the elegance of art and the serenity of nature, then The Huntington is your wedding nirvana. Imagine saying ‘I do’ amidst a Beaux Arts mansion, with over 100 acres of botanical bliss at your feet. This isn’t just a venue; it’s a Southern California institution where love blooms as wildly as the roses in its famous garden.

  • Rose Garden: Perfect for a romantic ceremony.
  • Chinese Garden: Offers a tranquil lake and traditional tea house.
  • Full Catering: World-class restaurant options.

The Huntington isn’t just a venue; it’s a love story written in flowers and art.

Beach, backyard, and woodland weddings offer unique settings for your special day, each with its own charm and benefits. Choose based on your preferences and budget for a memorable ceremony.

8. Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards

Imagine tying the knot surrounded by olive and lemon groves on a sprawling 122-acre ranch that’s as plush as a velvet love seat at a Renaissance fair. Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards is the kind of place where you can exchange vows on a hilltop courtyard that offers a 360-degree kiss from the California sun.

With a sparkling pool and a spacious tiled patio under the stars, this venue is like a Hollywood set where every guest feels like the lead in a romantic blockbuster. And let’s not forget the dressing suite, which is so gorgeous you’ll want to move in and send postcards to your old closet.

  • Exchange vows on a round hilltop courtyard
  • Dine and dance on the patio beneath bistro lights
  • Enjoy panoramic views that will make your Instagram followers swoon

At Malibu Rocky Oaks, the only thing more breathtaking than the views is the moment you say ‘I do’.

9. The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Tying the knot amidst dinosaur bones and rare gemstones? Now that’s a wedding for the history books! The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County offers a truly unique backdrop for your special day. Imagine saying ‘I do’ under the watchful gaze of a T-Rex or alongside a flutter of butterflies in the Butterfly Pavilion.

Weddings at the museum are not just about the grandeur of nature’s past, but also about the convenience of modern amenities. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A variety of stunning spaces to choose from
  • Indoor and outdoor options for ceremony and reception
  • A dedicated events team to help with planning

Remember, your wedding photos will be legendary with such an extraordinary setting!

And if you’re worried about your guests getting bored, fear not! They can embark on their own mini adventure, exploring the wonders of the museum during cocktail hour. Just make sure they come back in time for the cake cutting!

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10. Greystone Mansion and Park

Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills, Greystone Mansion and Park offers a fairy-tale backdrop for your ‘I dos’. With its lush gardens and grandiose architecture, this venue is a slice of history that will make your wedding photos look like they’ve been plucked straight from a storybook.

Imagine exchanging vows by the enchanting pond, where the only thing outshining the bride might be the scenery itself. It’s free to park, free to play royal for a day, and the gardens are pretty cool—especially if you’re into that whole ‘nature’ thing.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A historical estate that whispers elegance
  • A pond that competes with Monet’s lilies
  • Gardens that could make the Queen of England green with envy

Remember, at Greystone Mansion, your wedding isn’t just an event; it’s a page in history waiting to be written. So, wear your best shoes, but maybe skip the glass slippers—those gardens are vast!


In conclusion, Los Angeles is a treasure trove of stunning outdoor wedding venues that will make your special day truly unforgettable. From lush gardens to historic landmarks, there is no shortage of breathtaking backdrops for your dream wedding. Whether you prefer a romantic garden setting or a coastal castle vibe, the diverse options in LA cater to every couple’s unique style. So, say ‘I do’ in style and let the magic of LA’s outdoor wedding venues create memories that will last a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capacity of each venue for a wedding event?

The capacity varies for each venue, ranging from intimate settings for small gatherings to larger spaces for over 100 guests.

Are outdoor ceremonies allowed at these venues?

Yes, all of the listed venues offer outdoor ceremony options in their picturesque settings.

Do the venues provide on-site catering services?

Some venues offer on-site catering services, while others may allow you to bring in your own caterers. It is recommended to inquire directly with the venue for catering options.

Is there ample parking available for guests at these venues?

Parking availability varies by venue, with some offering on-site parking and others providing nearby parking options. It is advisable to check with the venue regarding parking arrangements.

Can we customize the decor and setup for our wedding at these venues?

Most venues allow for customization of decor and setup to suit your wedding theme and preferences. Some venues may have restrictions or guidelines, so it is best to discuss your ideas with the venue’s event coordinator.

Are there indoor backup options in case of inclement weather during the wedding event?

Many venues have indoor backup options in case of inclement weather, ensuring that your wedding can proceed smoothly regardless of the weather conditions.