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Leonardo Films is a boutique photography and cinematography company in Toronto specializing in capturing the magic of your special moments.

Our specialty lies in customizing the photography and filming style to match the personality of our clients. Therefore, we produce wedding photographs and wedding videos using cinematic, romantic, traditional, documentary…

Leonardo Films is a boutique photography and cinematography company in Toronto specializing in capturing the magic of your special moments.

Our specialty lies in customizing the photography and filming style to match the personality of our clients. Therefore, we produce wedding photographs and wedding videos using cinematic, romantic, traditional, documentary, marrioke or artistic filming styles.

Leonardo Films is a boutique photography and cinematography company in Toronto specializing in capturing the magic of your special moments.

Our specialty lies in customizing the photography and filming style to match the p…

Leonardo Films is a boutique photography and cinematography company in Toronto specializing in capturing the magic of your special moments.

Our specialty lies in customizing the photography and filming style to match the personality of our clients. Therefore, we produce wedding photographs and wedding videos using cinematic, romantic, traditional, documentary, marrioke or artistic filming styles.


13 Testimonials

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) Leonardo films were amazing for us, all the way from start to finish! We found them one group on and were at first reluctant because it was a bit expensive (as these things normally are for weddings anyway) but we were so happy that we did, and were not at all mad about the money because it was so worth it. At the first meeting I had to come along with my energetic toddler and Lea was warm and understanding, as not many people are when it comes to children. This made it so much smoother to have the meeting and comfortably articulate what i was looking for as well as hear what she was offering in terms of the artistry and perspective of how our wedding would look on tape. On the day of the wedding It feels like I only really saw the crew when they came in and I was getting ready. They stayed below the radar and allowed me to take my time getting ready privately. They payed attention more to me being ready and not stressed out, and were confident in still being able to get the shots they needed. Before I received the video they made sure that we saw it and were able to make any changes that we wanted to. And of course, again, with having children and not being able to reply right away they were patient with us and still fast once we gave them what they needed to move forward. All in all, I would definitely recommend Leonardo film to anyone I know looking for wedding photography. They were great and made us feel like we were apart of putting together the film. From the music to the perspective. Apart from that Lea was very kind to me and family, My parents were telling me later about speaking to our videographer and how nice she was. Leonardo films were amazing! Wedding Date: October 3, 2014

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) Lea from Leonardo Films, along with her two videographers, were extremely pleasant to work with. Lea met with us as many times as we asked, to collaborate on the creative process of our wedding film. I was extremely specific in what I wanted, & choosy at times, so I can imagine how hard it is for a vendor to comply with the details and follow through on the numerous requests. But Lea & her team were patient, cooperative, flexible & offered great service. They incorporated all the little things & all the DIYs I had worked so hard to put together. In fact, they went out of their way to ensure I got shots of the city, by the water, etc. etc. After the wedding, I realized that in the rush of the day, the reading of my husband's letter to me wasn't captured. So Lea & her main videographer partner, went the extra mile to book time with us to capture that one scene. They also entertained all the re-edits I asked, to make my video to my liking. Lea always made me feel comfortable, & as though I was in good hands (which looking back, I am sure I was), and for that I am very thankful. Their team came up with creative ways to tell our story, and I would definitely recommend Lea & her team to any future brides. There's so much planning involved in your day anyway, & working with great vendors like Lea, takes some of that stress away, so you can actually enjoy the process & feel like a real bride should - happy & radiant :) Thanks again Lea & the team at Leonardo Films for making our day unforgettable. Wedding Date: May 24, 2014

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) We were extremely lucky working with Lea and Vldao. My wife and I had interviewed about 8 videographers and reviewed many wedding videos online and fortunately we chose the best one. There are several things I like about Leonardo Films such as: 1) They offer a variety of different videography styles. Lea spent an hour and half to help us choosing a style which matches with our wedding theme; 2) Our main concern was that both my husband and I are persian and our wedding had many iranian ceremonies. Lea and Vlado did not have many experiences with Iranian weddings, however Lea asked me to send her some videos about Iranian weddings. I did and they watched them so carefully. The result was awesome. Till today, we could not convince anyone who has watched our wedding video that our videographer is not Iranian. They are very eager about they work and they do not mind spending long hours learning about different cultures and then apply it on their videos which is a very big plus. 3) The first edition of wedding videos were great. Although they kindly asked us for feedback to improve them but there was not so many things we wanted to change. They edited the videos a few times based on our comments, 4) Price-wise I think it is totally worth it. Although our contract was for 12 hours but I am sure they spent much more than that (at least 5,6 times) working on our video to make it the way we like, and finally we really appreciate Lea and Vldao personality. Wedding Date: July 27, 2014

I met Lea when My first cousin got married a year ago as her wedding was filmed by Leonardo Films. My cousin chose to work with Lea and her company because so many wedding videographers are males and she really wanted to work with someone who could understand her romantic side. Leonardo Films produced a beautiful wedding video which was both emotionally charged and very romantic yet it was not overdone with cheesy special effects. The video was tastefully done. I was so impressed that when the time came for my wife and I to hire a wedding videographer we went straight to Leonardo Films. I highly recommend Leonardo Films to any engaged couple planning their wedding! Wedding Date: February 28

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) Very happy with our decision to hire Leonardo Films to film our wedding. We were specifically looking to have same day edit for our reception as well as to have two videographers to film our whole wedding day. My fiance' did on-line research and narrowed down our choice to four videography companies whose style we liked. We met with all four and chose Leonardo Films. We hired them to film for 12 hours, and during this time we did not see videographers rest even once! Even on our way from the church downtown Toronto to the banquet hall in Woodbridge one videographer came with us in the limo and was filming us the whole time! I would definitely recommend Leonardo Films, as they are hard working professionals who produce beautiful work! Wedding Date: October 10, 2014

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) When I got engaged I posted “I got engaged!!!!” notice on my Facebook wall. The next day I posted a question on my wall asking if anyone can recommend a reputable wedding videographer. Within ten minutes of each other the two of my close friends responded and funnily enough BOTH recommended Leonardo Films (who shot both of their weddings last summer). I visited their website and loved Iwona’s and Remo’s wedding video. I told them that I wanted the same style to be used to film my wedding. Lea was very helpful throughout the planning process, and very attentive to our requests. She prepared the first meeting notes which she e-mailed to us after the meeting. She followed up a month prior to the filming with the shooting schedule of the wedding day and we confirmed it a few days prior to the wedding. On the wedding day, the filming crew was so professional and discreet. When I saw the first draft, I loved it so much there were only a few tweaks I asked them to make. In conclusion, I would most definitely recommend Leonardo Films. Wedding Date: September 6, 2014

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) My wedding took place over 3 full days and included a lot of traditional as well as modern aspects. Both sides of our families are very big and we wanted equal representation of relatives from both my fiancé’s as well as my side. Lea sat down with us for almost two hours during our second meeting to go over all the details we would like to get captured over our three days of celebrations. She also explained to us different sales of filming and helped us to choose the ones which suited us the best: traditional and romantic. In addition she asked us to provide her with the pictures of the people in our wedding party, so prior to the wedding she and the other videographer Daniel knew who our relatives were. In first edit they were 95% spot on, and we just asked them to include 6 more minutes of footage including my relatives and especially my mom. They were able to make the edits quickly and I was so happy with our wedding video! I strongly recommend Lea’s team at Leonardo Films. Wedding Date: July 26, 2014

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) We had a candle lit ceremony, and we wanted the soft candle light to show really nicely in our video. I also did not wish to have glaring reflector lights aimed at me during the wedding, as I was nervous it would make me sweat and would ruin my make-up. I told all this to Lea during our first meeting. She then explained to us how the digital SLR Cannon cameras that they have and especially the lenses that they use are perfect for filming darkly lit rooms and perfect for filming our candle lit ceremony. She assured us that they would not need strong lights or any additional lighting. We received our final copies in the mail short 5 weeks after our wedding. The Blue Ray DVD's were packaged in a beautiful silver box with a white satin bow. I really felt both happy and excited to open this gift and couldn't wait to watch my wedding video with my husband! The video was even better than I imagined and they were able to film the soft candle light and make the colours look both rich as well as natural looking. Amazing! I already recommended Leonardo Films to the two of my friends who got engaged recently and I would recommend Leonardo Films to any couple looking for a friendly, professional and highly talented videographers. Wedding Date: July 12, 2014

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) Our experience with Leonardo Films was exceptional from the very first day. We were looking for videographers who would work well with the photographer and his assistant we have already chosen. At our friend's wedding we saw the photographer and the videographer get into each other's shots and there was definite tension which made the guests uncomfortable. This tension was distracting from the festivities of the day. So for us it was very important that there be good energy between the photographer and the videographer. That there be co-operation and positive atmosphere between the two parties. Lea was very understanding of our apprehension, and without us asking her, she took the time before the wedding to contact the photographer. The two parties worked really well together and I could not be happier with the results. Thank you Lea and Leonardo Films crew for all your professionalism and beautiful video you have made for us! Wedding: 06/28/2014

(Review provided from vendor's current testimonials) The whole team at Leonardo Films was incredibly easy to work with, incredibly friendly and very approachable. My grandma attended my wedding and was sitting down at family table most of the time. She does not like being filmed but when Lea met her, she struck up a conversation, made my grandma feel at ease and the miracle happened! When I was watching our wedding video I saw my grandma dancing in it, waving with her hands, and blowing us a kiss with a big smile on her face. I loved that! What can I say, I am really happy we decided to get a videographer. Having Leonardo Films record our wedding and capture me with my whole family was worth every dollar we spent! Wedding: 06/21/2014

I have dreamt about my wedding day since I was a little girl. I knew I wanted my wedding to be different from all the others - not necessarily bigger, or grander, or more luxurious but unique and memorable. I had a vision of what I wanted my wedding experience to be, but communicating it to different vendors proved to be a challenge. When I first met with Lea, she mostly listened, asked a few questions, listened some more, and by the end of our meeting I knew she truly understood my wishes and expectations. I felt that we instantly clicked. During the follow up consultations, Lea explained to us how the 4K technology could be used to make our wedding experience more unique and memorable by having her team of videographers capture some portions of the wedding in slow motion. We chose a package which included 45 minute feature film of our wedding. Thank you to Lea and her team for capturing our wedding vision so perfectly, and helping us to document the emotions and magic of our wedding day. LeonardoFilms is a combination of great value, professionalism, top quality artistic talent and top quality technology know-how. This is the videography company I would most definitely recommend to all!

Planning a wedding was overwhelming at times, even with the help of our family and our wedding planner. We had to choose the venue, wedding colours, chairs, centerpieces, catering company, menu, chairs, invitations - the list went on and on. From all the decisions we had to make, choosing Leonardo films to film our wedding was the easiest. I felt very comfortable around Lea and her team from the moment we first met for the initial consultation. They both projected a sense of professionalism and confidence which in turn made me feel confident that we chose the right team to capture our special day. Lea methodically went through all the details of our wedding day. She asked many questions that I did not even consider: Should we include family wishes and comments in our video? Would I like them to film details such as flowers in the room, individual name cards, centerpieces, food placement on the plate? I am glad all those very important details were discussed and decided upon well in advance. On the wedding day I was so emotional I barely remember what I ate let alone all the details. LeonardoFilms have recorded our wedding in such a great detail, that the final product went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend LeonardoFilms to any of my friends, family and anyone looking for a professional team who knows how to capture your wedding day just the way you want it-perfectly!

We hired Leonardo Films to film our wedding, and we couldn't be happier with them. We decided to hire a videographer very close to our wedding, but Lea was so accommodating and friendly, despite the short notice. She was always quick to answer any questions we had, and we had plenty. My husband and I didn't really know what we wanted for our videos and Lea was so helpful with her suggestions. Her vast experience with weddings really showed while she was helping us figure out what we wanted. Lea and David were wonderful on the day of the wedding. They put our guests at ease during the interviews. For the most part, they stayed in the background, but they had plenty of suggestions for my husband and me when we asked for help on posing and ideas. The videos were amazing! From the teaser to the full video, our family and friends loved every minute of it. Hiring Lea and her team was definitely one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!