British Columbia
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British Columbia

Beautiful Convertible Dresses that are affordable! Available in lavender purple, fuchsia, red, blue, gray, green, black, brown and tan. To put it simply, this is ONE dress with ENDLESS possibilities!

Convertible bridesmaid dresses are all the range right now and why pay twice or even three times as much for bridesmaid dresses that take months and months to order and need to be altered after? We have all the colours on our website in stock and ready to pick up or ship immediately.

Our dresses are inexpensive, one size fits most, and super flattering for any body shape – you simply wrap it the way that looks best on you! This dress is a great way to let bridesmaids express their individuality while maintaining continuity. The best thing is that the girls can keep the dress and reuse it well after the wedding is over!

The quality of our fabric is amazing and everything is 100% made in Canada. Visit www.henkaa.com or email info@henkaa.com to see more pictures and to get more info.

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